Featured Clients

Featured Clients: Mike Bellamy

Mike Bellamy is the author of The Essential Reference Guide to China Sourcing, owner of PassageMaker Sourcing Solutions (www.PSSchina.com) and Chairman of the (not-for-profit) China Sourcing Information Center (www.ChinaSourcingInfo.org).  Board member at Chibridge law firm and Asia Quality Focus, Mr. Bellamy moved to Asia in 1993 and has been based full-time in Shenzhen since 1999.

Recognized as an expert on China sourcing, Mike has been interviewed by the Financial Times, quoted on CNBC, and is a featured presenter for a number of high profile seminars and trade shows including Global Sources China Sourcing Fairs (HK, Shanghai, Dubai, Miami, Mumbai, Johannesburg), Boat Tech China, Rotary Foundation, US/British/French/Belgium/Luxemburg & German Chambers of Commerce, National Association of Purchasing Managers/Institute for Supply Management, Small Business Development Bureau, and the State Bar of California, among others.

Before the 2nd printing of The Essential Reference Guide to China Sourcing, Mike wanted its quality to match and reflect the quality and professionalism of his own work and career.  As he explains, “Marc and his team were both professional and affordable. Before coming to Edit911, I hired a freelancer online for my book editing.  That was a mistake as my first book went to print with spelling and formatting errors that forced me to reduce the price to liquidate my initial stock. It was a nightmare. When it came time for the second print run, I decided to do things right and find the best book editing service in the world. So I did my due diligence and after an exhaustive search, I hired Edit911. My only regret is not having found them sooner. There’s no doubt that I will use Edit911 for everything I write after this great experience with them. ”

Mike received his double degrees in Diplomacy and Economics in Washington DC and later went on to gain an International MBA from the University of South Carolina, which included a year of full-time graduate level courses at the Harbin Institute of Technology and University of International Business and Economics in Beijing. Mike also has worked with The Brock Group, an international trade and investment consulting firm managed by President Reagan’s former US Trade Representative and US Senator Bill Brock in Washington DC. After moving to China in 1993, Mike structured sourcing investments in over 250 production classifications for numerous clients.

Having mastered the China Intellectual Property (IP) and Quality Control monsters, Mike decided to develop the PassageMaker “Black Box Quality Gate” system (www.PSSchina.com) to extract the best pricing in China and protect IP without compromising quality and service. PassageMaker’s 100% US owned and operated Assembly Center in S. China serves as the client’s “black box” where inspection, final assembly, and branding takes place behind closed doors. In this fashion, Intellectual Property is physically secured and full quality inspection is conducted before product leaves China.

Edit911 is honored and excited to be working with Mike, a truly distinguished and successful international entrepreneur and businessman.

Purchase Mike’s book:  http://chinasourcinginfo.org/book/

Read more about Mike and his work:

Owner, PassageMaker Sourcing Solutions

Advisory Board Member: China Sourcing Information Center, AsiaQualityFocus,

Chibridge Law

Interview in the Financial Times: “A Foot in Both Cultures”

Linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/michael-mike-bellamy/8/52a/389

Email: MikeB@ChinaSourcingInfo.org

Featured Client: Darlene Nelson

Featured Clients & Their Books

Darlene Nelson, The Secret Is You

Edit911 Featured Clients and their books

A spiritually inspiring international public speaker, Darlene Nelson is loved for her high-energy empowering presentations. She is famous for her “500-year vision that what we do today affects the next five generations… so you must make it count!” Darlene creates powerful shifts in her audience’s thought process, encourages immediate change, and inspires powerful lasting teamwork.

Edit911 editing service has had the great pleasure of editing all of Darlene’s powerful and inspirational books, as well as all of her website content. Frankly, Darlene’s work doesn’t need much editing since she’s such a clear thinker and talented writer. We’ve just suggested some more precise diction choices, made some syntactical sentence improvements, caught and corrected some repetition here and there, and made sure everything she publishes is well proofed and polished.

Darlene explains why she came to Edit911 for our editing services: “I had a book that needed editing fast. I did a lot of research and decided that Edit911 was the only qualified source I trusted. Marc is so professional, always quick to answer any questions I had and his editors got the job done so fast. The work was incredible. I now do all my work with Marc and his team at Edit911. Not only is their work 5 star quality, but the price is phenomenal too. I look forward to my next five books this year with Edit911! I would be lost without them!”

Well, truthfully, a lot of people would be lost financially and spiritually without Darlene. She’s positively influenced thousands of people over the years with her books and presentations. She is a truly wonderful human being and it’s been a joy and honor to work with her these past few years.

Darlene’s website: www.thesecretisyou.com

Darlene’s Facebook page:


Darlene’s Email: darlene (at) thesecretisyou (dot) com

Darlene’s Bibliography of published works:

Awaken a Miracle

The Secret is You

Attitude is Everything: Scriptural Based Proof God Wants You to be 

Rich (a CD series)



Featured Clients: Niklas Modig & Pär Åhlström

Featured Clients & Their Books:

This Is Lean: Resolving the Efficiency Paradox, by Niklas Modig & Pär Åhlström

Edit911 Book Editing Featured Clients

When Dr. Pär Åhlström (Chair of the Business Administration department at the Stockholm School of Economics) approached me requesting Edit911’s book editing services on This is Lean, I was excited by the prospect of working with him and his co-author Dr. Niklas Modig. Already the #1 best-swelling management book in Sweden, This is Lean had rapidly earned the reputation as the definitive, cutting-edge authority on not only management in general, but the healthcare industry, social welfare, organizational structure, and corporate leadership as well. This is Lean is used by companies such as Scania and Ericsson, all major hospitals, the social insurance agency and many others as a key part of their transformation efforts. It has become a tool for organization development, as it helps organizations create a common mindset and shared understanding.

So why would such successful authorities in their field—such highly praised and accomplished professionals with the #1 best-selling book in its genre—come to Edit911 for editing services? Because they wanted to reprint the book for a wider European audience and perceived a need for yet another round of careful editing, customized toward assuring that all the language complied with the rules of UK English.

After consulting with Dr. Åhlström in numerous emails, we came to fully understand his goals and objectives for our book editing:  “ A first challenge,” Dr. Åhlström explains, “was the fact that we worked under intense time pressure. Yet, Edit911 managed to deliver very fast service and with a very high quality and attention to detail.”

“Even more important than the speed,” Dr. Åhlström continues, “the key challenge was to help us reach our goal of making the text really readable. We wanted the language to be more ‘charming’ than ’formal’. We wanted a personal tone and active language. Even though the book is based on sound academic thinking and theories, we did not want it to have an academic tone and style. We wanted it as far away as possible from the traditional academic tone and style. We also did not mind, and indeed encouraged, a personal touch. We did not want a passive voice in the text. We also tried to build in humor in the text. Edit911 achieved—indeed exceeded—all of our expectations and objectives with their extraordinary editing.”

Once we completed our rounds of editing, Dr. Åhlström said this about our work: “We are exceedingly happy with your editing services, and will no doubt come back with more (and also recommend your editing service to colleagues here at the department).”

You may read more about and order This is Lean at www.thisislean.com

You may contact Dr. Åhlström directly at: par.ahlstrom at gmail dot com


Featured Clients: Erich K. Ritter, PhD

Shark-Human Interaction by Erich K. Ritter, PhD

Erich K. Ritter, PhD, is widely recognized as one of the world’s leading authorities on shark behavior.  His comprehensive study Shark-Human Interaction includes a thorough discussion of his ADORE-SANE concept that details how divers, swimmers, and snorkelers can greatly enhance their ability to safely interact with any shark species under a wide-variety of conditions.

When Dr. Ritter approached Edit911 for our book editing services several years ago, we were honored and excited to accept him as a client. We had already edited some parts of his book in chapter form and as articles he later published in scholarly journals. Our task was to help him assemble his ideas into an organized structure and to assure that the transitions from paragraph to paragraph and chapter to chapter were smooth and effective. Working closely with Dr. Ritter, several of our science editors performed very close manuscript editing to help him realize his vision of a definitive, highly authoritative, eminently readable, and practical guide to the subject.

Dr. Ritter explains why he feels he needed editing and how Edit911 has assisted him: “I learned long time ago that no matter how the good scientific results are, they mean nothing during a reviewing process should the language not be satisfactory. Every non-native English speaker knows what kind of frustration comes along with it. Some of the remarks I have received on my papers in the past were often quite personal and once or twice even nasty. Often, I felt that the reviewer did not even try to see what the meaning of the paper was but concentrated solely on how the paper was written. In two cases, the reviewers knew me (since I was the only one working in this field), yet they still rejected my papers based on their style. One reviewer even added, “…since it is known that he is not a native English speaker….”

Dr. Ritter continues: “Not having grown up in an English speaking world is a constant handicap for most of us who must publish in peer-reviewed journals, and we often dread the beginning of another paper, knowing that no matter how long we sit in front of a paper and try our best to make it readable, someone else has to take over and correct it. Of course, there are often colleagues who are willing to help but even for native English speakers it can be a challenge, and although everything might stylistically be correct when done editing, the wording might still not feel right.”

“So I started to shop around for professional, scientific editing, and figured if they charge money for it I will get the results needed. But after testing a few, they were not worth the money. Then I found Edit911, and my papers finally made it through the reviewing process. What keeps impressing me the most with Edit911 is how they cut my writing down to fewer sentences, enhance the flow of the wording, and do so with impeccable scientific precision. I have since recommended Edit911’s editing services to others who face the same problem as I do.”

Dr. Ritter’s book is fascinating to read and extremely valuable for anyone who enters the oceans of the world—the sharks’ domain. We are proud of how his book turned out and extremely gratified that he entrusted his groundbreaking study to our book editing service.

Shark-Human Interaction, published by SharkSchool, is available from Amazon: http://amzn.to/UTPKaf


Dr. Ritter’s Bio:

Dr. Ritter earned his Ph.D. from Zurich University in “Behavioral Ecology” as its only professional shark-human interaction specialist. He did his post-doc at the University of Miami’s Rosenschiel School. He has taught field courses for students, naturalists and divers in the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, the Maldives, Egypt, Mexico, Costa Rica, South Africa and Hawaii. He conducts his field research primarily in the Northern Abacos, Bahamas at the “Shark Education & Research Center” (SERC).

Dr. Ritter is also the head of the SharkSchool™, an organization that teaches divers, snorkelers, rescue swimmers and others how to interact with sharks, what to look for when entering the water, and most importantly how to feel safe among sharks. He functions as a case investigator of the Shark Research Institute’s GSAF (Global Shark Attack File). He is also the chairman of SAVN™, the Shark Accident Victim Network, and non-for-profit organization to help shark victims. He has given lectures worldwide and was guest on many different TV shows, including a quick appearance in the movie SharkWater.


Dr. Ritter’s Writings (all edited by Edit911):

Scholarly Papers Published:

Ritter, E. K. (2012). A rare use of a shark’s pectoral fin? Scooping off a sharksucker from the flank. Open Fish Science Journal, 5: 57-59.

Ritter, E. K. & Amin, R. W. (2012). Effect of human body position on the swimming behavior of bull sharks, Carcharhinus leucas. Society and Animal, 20: 225-235.

Ritter, E. & L. V. C. Compagno (2012). Clasper flaring: maintenance behavior, or a normally hidden feature of male whitetip reef sharks, Triaenodon obesus? Open Fish Science Journal, in press.

Amin, R., Ritter, E. & P. Kennedy (2012). A geospatial analysis of shark attack rates for the east coast of Florida: 1994-2009. Fresh Behavioral Physiology, 45 (3): 185-198.

Amin, R., Ritter, E. & L. Cossette (2012). An investigation of shark density and attack rates in California. Journal of Environment and Ecology, in press.

Ritter, E. (2011). Use of sand ripples to enhance chafing in Caribbean reef sharks (Carcharhinus perezi) and blacktip sharks (Carcharhinus limbatus). Bulletin of Marine Science, 87 (3): 413-419.

Scholarly Papers Submitted:

Ritter, E. (2013). Coasting of pelagic thresher sharks, Alopias pelagicus, in comparison to oceanic whitetip shark, Carcharhinus longimanus, and the blue shark, Prionace glauca, two other species of the same ecomorphotype. Journal of Fish Biology.

Ritter, E.K, Amin, R. W. & A. Zambesi (2013). Do lunar cycles influence shark attacks? Open Fish Science Journal.


Ritter, E. (2012). Shark-Human Interaction. Situations Findings Recommendations. SharkSchool Publishing.

Available at http://www.sharkschool.com/shark-human-interaction/


You can read even more about Dr. Ritter and his work at these links:

Shark School: http://www.sharkschool.com/shark-human-interaction/

Global Shark Attack File: http://www.sharkattackfile.net/

Shark Research Institute: http://www.sharks.org/

Shark Accident Victim (Dr. Ritter is the Chair): http://www.sharkvictimnetwork.org


You may contact Dr. Ritter directly: