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– Mike Stelzner, Author of “Launch” and founder of SocialMediaExaminer.com

Hi Edit911,

I’m writing to tell you and Dr Cathy that my doctoral thesis was well received by my advisor. In fact, the final improvements were so dramatic that she immediately scheduled a defense just a short time away.

I have to thank you both for your professionalism and specific direction. When I was terribly frustrated and just about ready to give up on this thing, you both gave me the encouragement and energy I needed to close.

You have gained my trust and earned my business for life. I look forward to working with you on the next major project and wish you all the best.

Paul Roberts
PhD candidate, English


Thanks again for your help.

My degree was recently conferred. As I continue to publish, in peer-reviewed journals and like, you will most certainly have my business!

All the best to you and your team.

Bill Dafnis, Ph.D.

Thank you very much for everything. I really appreciate it. I have lots of respect for you and your team. I have only had two persons edit my work, and it is always done so perfectly and with a human touch. Your editors do not treat clients as “just a business”; they take ownership and fully commit to delivering to the client’s needs…at least that’s how my work has been handled. I will always use your services; you are great.

I am humbled my Dr. Alice’s observations. Thanks for the contacts.

I have successfully submitted my application. Again, thank you very much.

Best regards,

Thank you once again for the marvelous work that your editor performed. As you know, I am a repeat customer of Edit911′s and make it a practice to have you edit all of my papers before I submit them to my advisory committee. With each paper, I am more amazed at how you can take my tortured prose and make me sound intelligent…even eloquent! I look forward to using your services for many years to come.

Best regards,

Gregory S Dawson
PhD student
Management Information Systems
University of Georgia

I wanted to say thank you for the great job your team did editing my doctoral thesis. I had over 100 pages to correct for grammar and then edit into APA and NCU styles. Your editors did this task with efficiency and speed. I am amazed with how fast the turn around time was.

Great job and again thank you,

David L. Ratner, Psy.D.

About three weeks or so ago I used your services to have my thesis professionally edited. I have been meaning to e-mail you back for the longest time now to thank you so much for your help. I believe Dr. Cathy worked on my paper and I would like her to know that she is truly phenomenal. I have been so swamped trying to get my thesis completed and this is the first moment I have had to get back to you. Dr. Cathy completely surpassed all my expectations and brought my thesis up to publishable quality. Your turn around time was so speedy which was a major concern for me and your price was more than fair and well worth every penny. I am so grateful to Edit911 and Dr. Cathy for helping me through this very important and stressful time. Thank you all again very very much.

Tammy :)

Edit 911 did an expert and timely editing of my dissertation. They are my first choice for future editing and professional critique.

Dr. Seth A. Grossman, New Jersey

Nice…very nice. Excellent comments! My sincere thanks to you and your editor for time very well spent. Exceptionally pleased! I’m sure I’ll be back for editing of additional chapters. I love your outstanding support: smart, professional, courteous service with quick turnaround times! Quality support that exceeded all expectations!

Very respectfully,

Kenn Lang, Lt Col USAF

Having written a number of books, I have worked with numerous editors in the past. However, my prior experience did not really prepare me for writing a doctoral dissertation. Edit911 was recommended by several students at my university. They spoke of this company’s superior service. So I took the plunge. I was thrilled with the results. Not only did they turn around my dissertation in record time, but the edits were accurate and suggestions for change right on the money. I would strongly recommend Edit911 to anyone looking for quality at the right price.


Jessica Keyes

I am very happy with the result. I will not only use your services again, but also recommend Edit911.

Thank you.
Helen Pickett

Edit911 –

Your service is wonderful and it helped my wife out tremendously, I’ll make sure I spread the word about your awesome business.

Thanks a million and God bless!

Timothy Young

Edit911 did an excellent job copy editing our technical journal paper. The editor preserved the authors’ intent while making the paper clearer and much more readable. She also reviewed all the formatting requirements of the journal in great detail and brought our paper into conformance with them. She even adjusted the figures and improved their clarity which I thought was far beyond what we could expect of a copy editor. The work was completed within a week at a very reasonable price, and the paper was accepted by the journal without further changes. I recommend Edit911 without reservation.

Patrick Gurian

Dear Marc & Associates,

When I sent my manuscript to EDIT 911, for editing, I expected just that. Much to my surprise, my work also improved significantly, as well as its market value. Thank you, for hiring only PhD’s. Dr. Joyce did an excellent job.

Roy Bhikharie

I would like to thank Edit911 for the exceptional job of quickly returning my fully edited dissertation within just three days. The editing was extremely thorough and really helped in the evolution of my work into a true professionally written document.

Thank you Marc and the Edit911 team!

Sam Whack, Jr., Doctoral Candidate, Cambridge College

I would like to pass on how much I appreciate your service. I expected the process to take days. I was delighted how speedy and efficient the process was. I think Dr. Andy gave me great feedback and I am pleased with the edited version. Please pass along my extreme thanks to him.

I look forward to working with you again soon.

Erin Coss
k 2 e Books, Inc.

Just wanted to tell you that I’m really pleased with the editing of my book. At first I was apprehensive about your service, I’m so glad I let you do the work. Not only did you do a superb job, but you also educated me along the way. I’m sending you my first book for a redo, as well as getting you to edit the other book I’m currently working on. You have a customer for life. Thank you so much!

Pastor Rick

The work completed for me by the staff at EDIT911 was done quickly, accurately, and included helpful suggestions that enhanced my manuscript. I will return to them for all my future editing needs.

Dave Horner

Thanks! Not only was that ridiculously fast, but very thorough. Please tell Joyce thanks for doing such a great job with my paper.

Chad Cray

Thank you so much for the excellent editing work, and my thanks also to the editor. She did a great job!

And I was amazed when I got it back so fast.

Best Wishes,

There was nothing more discouraging than getting stuck with proofreading my own paper. I was too close to my words to see the small errors. Dr. Cathy was patient and professional. I received excellent editorial services! I understood my errors and was given outstanding support in formatting and finalizing my paper in a timely manner. There’s no question – I would seek Edit911′s assistance again. It saved my sanity!

Yardley, doctoral candidate

Your services are a life saver!!!!! Your editors are of the highest quality and really know their stuff!!! You, by far, have the best response time of anyone I have ever worked with!!

Your price is well worth it!!! I will recommend you to anyone in need of an editor and will definitely choose your editing services in the future. Thank you so much!!

Deanna Nelson, M.Ed. (soon to be PhD)

Thank you, and especially Dr. Cathy, for the outstanding work editing my manuscripts over the years. I typically accept or work with all of the changes or suggestions to clarify or strengthen my arguments. The end result is that my manuscripts get better reviews and enhanced chances for publication. My money is well spent with Edit 911.


Thank you for the editing of my book. After working with number of editors I can say that Dr. Sandy’s advice was the most helpful. I’m so happy with the job she did!

Oksana Shiell

Author of Comrade Gods

I have found edit911 to be fast, reliable and honest, with a high standard of services. I was not pushed to decide and was told their genuine opinion before my work was edited.

Thank you for your good work.

Joseph Poullis

Dr. Julia’s editing of my first novel was excellent. I must have read through it a dozen times and still did not see the better direction that my story benefited after Marc and Julia pointed out its holes. Great job!


Peter Castillo
Author of The Capture of Osama Bin Laden

Remember Marketing 101, when you were taught the production triangle: Quality, Time, Cost? We were told you can occasionally get two of the three from your vendors if you’re lucky, but rarely all three. Edit911 consistently delivers all three. When I Googled ‘manuscript editors,’ little did I expect to find such a gem of a company. I greatly appreciate Dr. Andy’s editing, as well as his comments and suggestions. In fact, his editing of this fiction novel is the best I’ve read to date.

Julianne Vickers
Director of Operations
Oasis Audio

I was very pleased with the timeliness and results of the edit by Dr. Julia. She gave excellent and straight forward suggestions that made my novel much more engaging and concise. I will use edit911 for future novels. I am very happy with the end result.

Kattoman, author of Phase Shift

Dr. Andy did an EXCELLENT job for us in such a short space of time. Please thank him for me. I can’t believe what an amazing service you have. In the future, when I would like to use your services again, may I request Dr. Andy be our guy?

Thank you!
Jessica McDougall

Dear Marc and the team at Edit911,

Edit911 provided me a first class proofreading and editing service. Furthermore, all communication proved to be swift, polite and personal which made my work with a quite lengthy doctoral dissertation much easier. I have already recommended Edit911 to other academics and I will personally be happy to use your services again.

Niklas Z Kviselius
PhD Candidate, Stockholm School of Economics

I was very pleased with Edit911. They did an excellent job editing my dissertation quickly and carefully, being sensitive to my style and ideas and at the same time making necessary alterations and making the piece more coherent and professional. Thank you to Marc and the rest of the staff! I recommend their service warmly.

Irit Halperin
PhD Candidate, Lesley University (Cambridge, MA) Israel

Edit 911 is a wonderful and affordable resource available to the public. I thank God for your business. My dissertation was edited in a timely manner and your work was very EFFICIENT. Thanks to you my dissertation is a professional document. I was very impressed with the quality of your work and the communication you gave to me. Your attention to details and the personal care and concern you put into my dissertation were truly above and beyond anything I could have hoped for! Thanks so much for your professional help. I will recommend your service to my friends and colleagues. It was indeed a pleasure working with you. Your editors are professional angels!

“Thanks Be To God!”

Sincerely yours,
Dr. Cora Carter
Nova Southeastern University

EDIT 911 is simply the best! Their editing abilities allow them to transform complicated issues into articles that resonate with the target audience. They’ve always been able to make precise editing and tailor my writing to best convey the essence of the story. You can always count on their good judgment, diplomacy, and competence. For example, Marc is always a pleasure to work with — an upbeat, hardworking and efficient leader of his EDIT 911 team. I would definitely continue to work with them.


Adriano B Galvao, PhD
Design Relationships: Integrating User Information into Product Development

I really appreciate the work edit911 performed to fine tune my book. Actually, I hesitated to secure the services of an editor, since I worked for many years as an editor myself. However, now I realize how important it is to have “another pair of eyes” look at one’s book. My editor did an excellent job of pointing out where it could be improved, and I am certainly grateful for her excellent work and dedication. The fast turnaround was a blessing as well. I expect the book to be ready for publication early in 2008.

Jean P. Kavale

Dear Edit911,

A big thank you goes to your staff. Your response was fast, and you helped me make my dream come true. Your work was efficient and professional. Thanks to you my book Carrie’s Farm will be out in Nov of this year. My book was edited over a period of time and you came through for me. Thank you so very much! At 70 years old and my first book, I am very proud and have a 2nd book in the making.

Bette Jennings
Twin falls, Idaho

Thank you much. Your service and response time are amazing. I’ll certainly recommend you to my friends, and if I am need of some editing (e.g. dissertation) I’ll utilize your services again. Thanks much.


Chris Schneider

I would recommend Edit 911 to anyone looking for someone to do a professional editing job. Not only are these guys prompt, and very good at what they do, but they were not happy until I was happy. They were very patient and easy to talk to and found out exactly what I wanted and followed through. These folks are all about customer service and I will use them for all my future editing work.

Dave Bowen
Author, Hostile Takeover

The editing services I received from you and Donna were awesome!  You guys helped to bring my ideas together and I now have a smooth flowing product.  The customer service was awesome, the turn-around time was unbeatable, and the professionalism was unsurpassed.  Thank you again!  I now feel confident with presenting “Turning Up the Heat: Fire-Proof Your Career” to the world!

Crystal Claybrooks
Trinity Faith Consulting
Turning Up the Heat: Fire-Proof Your Career

I just wanted to thank you and your staff for a job very well done. I know that there was much to work through but the outcome was well worth it. You have put me at ease about writing for a doctoral program. I look forward to using your service/team again. I was surprised to find that you even paid attention to the footnotes. LOL. I truly feel a sense of relief as I submit my piece for a grade. Thanks again!

Tyrone Petty

Hi Dr. Baldwin,

Great news!!! My dissertation was approved in Sept. and I have finished all the final process requirements. My grade has been posted and I’m waiting for my diploma. I just wanted to let you know and to thank you for all the help you provided me in this long process. I couldn’t have done it without you.

Thanks again and I will highly recommend your services to those who are in need!
Dr. Mary B. Kuhman   :-)
(Nova Southeastern University)

I’ve found the editing services of Edit911 absolutely invaluable!!!  My dissertation was completely edited in two weeks time and all of my questions, concerns, etc., were addressed almost immediately!  If I need editing services in the future, I know where to go!

Talicia Scriven

You guys are terrific. The suggestions were perfect, comments direct, and the whole experience well worth it. I am so pumped and directed now! I will be taking tomorrow off just to hone in completing the process. Please pass along my sincere thanks for their effort and comments.

I am just so pleased with the work of your team. I had a college senior, English major, give it shot, then a high school English teacher, and finally one of the English profs at our college. I should have just gone directly to you guys. You guys were surgical in your edits with extremely valuable suggestions on how to reposition or restate things (that alone was worth its weight in gold right there)!

Thoroughly exciting that I found you guys!

Pat Carley

I would like to thank you for swift and thorough proofreading and copyediting, as well as for your general remarks and suggestions concerning the book’s structure, content and the strategies for its formulation. I believe they will contribute significantly to the book’s overall quality.

I presume you wouldn’t have objections against you and your company being mentioned as language editors/lectors of the book in my further correspondence with potential publishers.

With best regards,
Goran Cubrilo
Author of Vienna Instruments Solo Strings: The string quartet project

Honestly, I have never been a fan of testimonials. Now I understand their value. I used edit911 after I submitted my proposal to my dissertation committee. It was approved pending more than a few typo/grammatical corrections. I was very impressed with the editors’ work, and my proposal made it through the institutional review board phase without being returned for corrections. I used edit 911 again for the final 2 chapters of my dissertation. And will continue to use this service for post graduate work. I wish I had found them sooner. The editors recommend corrections and explain their rationale in many cases. It was a learning experience.

Linda, PhD candidate

Thank you so much for your help. My paper sounds a lot better and flows nicely. You guys really do great work! I am glad I turned to you!

Neddal Assaf


First let me thank you and Dr. Joyce for such a quick turn-around. I must have deleted the first message you sent me. Secondly, I must say I am very impressed with the work of edit911. I now have the confidence that my writing can stand the review of anyone on my committee, and I have you, Dr. Joyce and edit911 to thank for that. You, Dr. Joyce and the entire staff at edit911 are a godsend. I wish I knew about your service months ago — I would have fewer gray hairs. Thank you and feel free to use my endorsement anytime.

Very Respectfully

Chuck Ayers

Dear Marc,

I wanted to thank you for your amazing services! I am so happy with the editing of my manuscript!  It was a great pleasure working with you.

Happy Holidays &  a Happy Prosperous New Year!

Kindest regards,
Author of My Life with Julio Iglesias

Hi Marc,

That is excellent!! It is exactly what I was looking for in a professional editor..;-) The book is definitely better because of your service!! Thank you, thank you!

Happy Holidays,

Nelson Bates

Dear Marc,

Throughout the course of writing my dissertation, more often than I care to admit, I requested your services at the last minute. Edit911 was true to its name and I sincerely appreciate how you always came through for me with professional quality and accurate editing services. You and your editors were able to help me to communicate my ideas better that I could express them myself often by simply changing a word or two. Writing my dissertation was a tremendous challenge for me, especially because I did not know APA. But your editors did! Thank you for paying close attention to the small details so I could focus on the bigger picture.



PS. If you see any mistakes please correct them! :-) (OKAY TO LEAVE THIS IN THE TESTIMONIAL!)


I AM SO IMPRESSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Michele L. Wehrle

The services of Edit 911 impressed me very much. I would recommend their services to all my friends and colleagues without hesitation. My finance dissertation on real options theory (333 pages) was proofread in an extremely rapid and accurate way without changing my style or any pieces of the content. My time schedule for handing in the dissertation to the faculty of economics was very tight and could never have been maintained if Edit 911 hadn’t worked so efficiently (even on weekends). I live and I wrote my dissertation in Zurich. Tampa Bay is not around the corner. Therefore the real-time communication and the fact of “not seeing the people who work at your three-year research” was a main concern for me before choosing the services of Edit 911. These concerns were swept away very quickly. I always had the feeling that my dissertation and the respective observance of the deadline was taken care of by Edit 911 like I would do it myself. I never felt alone during the end time of my dissertation and always got prompt and professional answers to all my questions. Thank you very much!

Dr. P. Scialdone

“Valuing Managerial Flexibility – Challenges and Opportunities of the Real Options Approach in Practice”

I used Edit911 for the last edit before turning in my dissertation to the chair of my dissertation committee. I can’t say enough good things.

While I didn’t tell them I was in a rush, they returned my document to me within a few days. I was very impressed with the level of detail and thoroughness of the editing. What I can say is this…use edit911! You will not be disappointed.

Thanks again Marc,


I researched a lot of editing services before choosing Edit 911. For someone who has never used an editing service before, I was a bit apprehensive. Now that I have seen the results, I’m glad I selected Edit 911. Dr. Donna provided a thorough analysis of my manuscript. Her skills are superb. Thank You! I’m sure to call on the services of Edit 911 again.


M. Gant, author of Maven


Thank you for the extensive work you did. When I asked for Sandy to be

brutally honest about the manuscript I did not know what to expect. I was so worried about this process, because I have put my heart and soul into this book. Sandy was able to see the inconsequential parts of my book and make me realize what I wanted to say. Her comments and revisions led to my most important revision where I came to the final connective piece of my manuscript. After rereading my manuscript after I finished the last revisions, I am so confident in the probability of publishing my work. I think I may not have realized my thesis statement of my book without Sandy’s help. I am in the process of writing my second book and I can’t wait to send it back to Sandy!


Michael Nardi, author of The Renaissance Man

Dear Dr. Baldwin,

Now that I have crossed the river and gotten my hands free, I want to thank you for the timely help that edit911 provided me when my life was on the edge of doom. The editor did a very fine job on my papers, which are very technical. Especially good is your very low price that even a “Poor, Homeless, Desperate” Ph.D. student can afford. The 24/7 services of edit911 and the kindness of you and your staff have increased my confidence in my research, and put a warm feeling in my heart. I will come back for help in the future.

Thank you once again!

Peng Yu

Dear Marc,

Thank you so very much for your help. It looks terrific!! I am very

impressed by your efficiency!! The comments that you provided throughout are very useful and I will try to work on it within this week. I hope you don’t mind if I come back again after I finish my data analysis. Please pass on my gratitude to your editor who helped me for her endurance during the past few days.

Thank you so much and you really are my savior!!

Best regards,

Kalaya Kovidvisith


Your editorial service is outstanding! Your editors reviewed my concept paper with a fine-tooth comb which helped me curtail the need to make multiple revisions and submissions to my dissertation chair. I am extremely satisfied with the quality of your service. Highly recommended!

Doctoral Candidate
Nova Southeastern University

Edit911 exceeded my expectations. Not only were the editors professional, competent and thorough, but their turnaround time was unbelievable. They were available to answer all of my questions and their response time was FAST! I was frazzled after a “bad” experience with another editor, and when I called, Marc and Sandy were understanding and patient. They told me they could help me get my dissertation approved and they did! I’ve referred others to Edit911 because they’ve proven that they can get the job done and do it right!

I am so positive about Edit911′s work, that I will use them in the future for other editing needs. Thank you Marc and Sandy!

Edit911′s service is phenomenal!

Tiffany L. Watts-Chestnut
Nova Southeastern University
Organizational Leadership Doctoral Student

Hi Marc,

I wanted to take this opportunity to say how very pleased I am with the services of edit911.com! It really was an excellent resource and well worth the investment! My dissertation proposal came back much better than when I sent it to you and all of the comments were clear and easy to understand! I know I’ll be using you guys again for the final project!

I am also recommending edit911.com to all of my colleagues at Walden for their dissertation editing.

Excellent job!

Ruthy Watson, MSPH

Having an impartial professional edit your work is an essential step before sending anyone your manuscript. EDIT911 polished my book and gave it the professional edge it needed, and they did so with efficiency, speed, and razor-sharp attention to detail.

Thanks, Marc!

Louise Rachel Hay


It looks absolutely wonderful!!!

I feel so relieved and a hundred times better letting the product go to market after getting your professional editing. Both my existing and upcoming products will be making their way to your shop very soon for copy editing.

Please pass on my gratitude to your editor who did a marvelous job and whose turnaround time was excellent!

Bruce Mendoza,
Catholic Bible Products

My copy editor with edit911 was wonderful to work with. Her work was exceptional. She has a real eye for the written word and catches every detail. I lost $400 to an “editor” of no consequence trying to save money before I hired you.

Nathan J. Winograd,

Redemption: The Myth of Pet Overpopulation and the No Kill Revolution in America

I am very impressed with the findings. Mary Jo is very good and I love the way she gets into the story. I have accepted all of Mary Jo’s changes and followed all her suggestions, especially with the places’ names/locations/times. I can actually see my story coming to life. Thank you very much. The testimonies on your web site indeed sold your professionalism to the highest expectations.

Daniela D. DuCasse,
Farewell to the Old Me

Hi Marc,

Just so you know, the first word that came to mind when I saw these results was “WOW”. The services that you provided exceeded my expectations, dreams, and prayers. I thank God for having answered my prayers and pointing me, once again, to the right answer.

I’ll try to come up with the appropriate superlatives to use. For now, I can think of

incredible, fascinating, impeccable, outstanding, unmatched, and top-notch. In my terms, you dug my paper out of a hole, dusted it off, and made it shine brightly. Now, I can shine and for that, I thank you. I’ll let you know how it goes. Thanks again!

I will have to get the word out about how your tremendous services make all the difference in the world AND that they are provided in lightning fast speed. I thought I responded to emails at all hours of the night and quicker than most. I believe I may have met my match. You folks deserve a ton of credit. Please let me tell the world.

Rene Fonseca,


I received quality editing services with high attention to detail from edit911. They helped me with grammar, usage, and punctuation. Beyond that, they also provided useful insight and comments on the “flow” of the book, identifying a few key areas that warranted a second look. They did all this with a very prompt turnaround time. They edited my 150 page book in about a week. I feel it was well worth it to use the services of edit911.

M. Kahn,



To have what seemed an impossible dream come true because of the work by you and your people was far more than I expected. I was impressed and appreciated the fast responses, professional workmanship, and the sincerity involved in helping me produce a graduate thesis accepted for graduation. Your kindness, easiness to communicate with, and a sense of honest and devoted spirituality in the work that you do brought back the desire to continue on the path of my dream that began many years ago. In a small way, I am able only to say, “Thank you.”

Richard J. Hodgson,

Graduate Student

It was a pleasure working with Edit911 on our recent book The Little Entrepreneur – Takes Flight. We decided to let Edit911 provide the 2nd edit for our book and needless to say – Edit911 came through with finding the remaining bugs in the story. Now The Little Entrepreneur is truly ready to take flight. Thanks Edit911. We will continue to use your services for our upcoming projects.

Michael Harper and Jay Arrington,

Harper Arrington Media.


Hello Marc,

It has been a pleasure working with edit911.com. I appreciate your prompt and professional approach to cater to my needs. From the very beginning I was really impressed by your friendly attitude. I was also lucky to get advice from you as I am still a new author. The quality of edit by your team has been exhaustive and thorough. I thank you very much for all your help and professionalism.

Best regards,

P. Ashar
The Mystical Tales Of Indus Valley, Wizards Of Hastin.


Dear Dr. Baldwin,

I submitted my proposal draft yesterday.

Thank you for your editorial services. You did a very good job. The rewriting of the beginning of chapter 3 is especially brilliant. Your suggestions were also good. What I liked most in your editing is the rewriting of some sentences in several places for better clarity and readability.

Best Regards,

Dear Marc,

Just a note to tell you how pleased I am with your company’s editing of my book, Bucky told me to put the stick in the door!. As you know, I am a novice writer and I was new to the available resources. After conversations with similar services, I chose your service intuitively. I am pleased to share that you delivered what you promised, and then some. You are a stand up guy and a pleasure with whom to do business.

Best regards,

Carl Cusato
Malibu CA
Bucky Put the Stick in the Door

Hi Marc,

Wow!! I am amazed that Mary Jo has finished the book already and has done a magnificent and thorough job!! I am further shocked that the story remained mine and didn’t become hers. I was talking to other editors before and they wanted severe changes including lying about facts and turning it into a fictional piece. I want to thank you and Mary Jo for believing in me. Your prices are more than fair and affordable and I certainly received every penny’s worth. She was extraordinarily fast in getting the job done. In the future there is no reason for me to choose anyone else for my editing other than Edit 911. I am extremely pleased and grateful to you and Mary Jo for you delivered exactly what you promised. You were truthful and honest from the very beginning with me and I really admire that. May God bless you both.


Patrick Schnerch
Peaceful Warrior

Dear Dr. Baldwin & Associates,

Excellent job. Thank You is not good enough. If anybody wants professional editing that can they consult and depend on completely, which provides high quality service with care, they should look no further than Edit911.

All the best,

Iman Navab

Thank you so very much for everything that you are doing: your hard work, your quick responses to e-mails along with detailed answers, and your willingness to help me beyond this step even with my low income. You are certainly not your average editing company; you exceeded that over a thousand times already while laughing at the other poor saps that can’t keep up. I promise that if this works out the way I hope, I will come back to you in the future and I will give you more than your highest rate. As well, I will recommend others to your incredible company!

Matthew Connolly

In the Beginning

Hello Marc,

I want to express to you and to the other folks at Edit 911 my complete satisfaction with the work which you did on my book … I am especially grateful for the good and prompt service which I received from Edit 911. My book was actually edited well ahead of schedule, and this has been of considerable advantage to me. I am in the process of writing a sequel. … There is no question in my mind as to where I will turn when the time comes to have it edited my next book.


Steven Rox

Dear Dr. Baldwin,

As you know, I was concerned about sending my book out for editing because of copyright issues. I want to thank you for relieving my concerns and earning my trust.

I devoted quite a bit of time in researching editors. The first attraction I felt to your service was your credentials. Once I contacted you the personal way you handled my email was comforting. I also appreciate the fixed cost for your service, many editors charge by the hour which I felt very uncomfortable with.

I was actually surprised at the excellent work you were able to accomplish in such a short period of time. I appreciate you keeping me abreast of how the editing was proceeding during the entire process. The change in format with your corrections and comments gave my book the much needed final touch, now I feel comfortable sending it out to literary agents. I could not have reached this point without you. I have recommended you to two different hopeful authors who have contacted me in the past few weeks.

Thank you for sharing your gift with me!

Best Regards,

Kathy Teinert
Green Pastures

Marc, It has been a moment since I have been able to collect my thoughts. Marc what a great resource you are. I am pleased to say that without you my dissertation would still be a work in progress. You were very helpful and affordable and always willing to work hard to make my timelines. For this effort I will be forever indebted to you.

Thanks again,

Dr. Charles White


Thank you very much for your fast, efficient, and highly professional editorial service. Your work provided my manuscript the finesse it needed for a smooth reading. Choosing an editor for my work brought great deal of anxiety. It was not indifferent for me who will deal with the creation born within my heart. So, I put in a lot of time and effort to find a qualified editor. Out of over twenty editors whom I gave excerpts from my manuscript your work stood out. The style of editing, the choice of words, the scope of your advice spoke of desire to improve what already has been created. I sensed great respect and sensitivity towards my own style of expression and word choice which resulted in enhancing them greatly.

Thank you also for the fast service. You did the work five, six times faster than what was expected. Yet, the smallest details were not overlooked. Thank you!

Shaynah Neshama,


Edit911.com did a fabulous job editing my dissertation!  They were prompt and efficient.  I was able to turn in my dissertation with a level of confidence that it was perfectly edited.

Dr. Maria L. Smith

Hi Marc,

All is well.  I submitted my final paper proposal in April.  The feedback from the University was as follows: The final paper proposal has been approved. The paper is extensively researched and well-written. I would like to thank you and your staff for doing an excellent job of editing.  Your hard work was very well appreciated. I submitted the final paper in May and hope that it will be accepted as well.

Thanks for following up.

Mattie Williams


Thank you so much for all your help. My thesis was accepted and I was ordained as a Rabbi Saturday morning before all my friends and family. Again thank you for all your expertise. I will recommend you to anyone who asks.


Michael Sommer

Hi Marc,

With your assistance, my doctoral dissertation was approved and I recently completed my oral defense successfully for my Ed.D

Thanks for your support.

Dr. Derrick Desvignes

My name is Michelle Colson. I am writing a book on haunted sites throughout Ohio, and the history behind them. My book is due out in September of this year. This is my first book, and if it wasn’t for Marc I don’t think I would have gotten this far. The publisher even offered free editing services through them, but I refused. No one could do a better job, or care more about my book than Marc of Edit911.com. If you want the best in editing, you came to the right place!!!


Michelle Colson


To Writers Everywhere,

Hello, my name is Carolyn Ashcraft and I have just written and published my first book. When I first wrote the manuscript I must have read and reread it 200 times. Now you would think me being a retired teacher I could edit my own book. Well I soon came to the conclusion I needed an editor for my book.

I believe finding Marc Baldwin was a major miracle. He not only made corrections and additions to my work but also offered encouragement. He was positive and walked me through every step of the process. He was the first person to read my manuscript outside my family. Let me tell you that was a frightening thing for me to open myself up to input about my writing.The best part, it was all possible using the internet. I never left my house.

Hamlet Goes to School is getting ready for its third printing. It has been selected for the Battle of the Books selection for the state of Alaska. This would not have been possible without Marc.

If you are like me and just written your first manuscript or you have written a shelf full you must call on Marc for his experience and knowledge in editing. You will get a friend as well as an editor.


Carolyn Ashcraft

Thank you Dr. Baldwin for editing my book, The Secret Sisterhood. Your work was professional and prompt. As a writer and independent publisher, a service like edit911.com is invaluable.

Walter “Big Walt” Anderson

Marc is one of a kind editor and he knows what he is doing. He has edited a few manuscripts for me already and when I thought I was done, I realized thanks to Marc that I needed one more rewrite which he did for me. Marc, I want to thank you personally for the help you provide to me. We will be working together in the future for sure.

Fernando Molina :-)

The service of www.edit911.com was much better than I expected. Marc responded to my questions and requirements quickly and patiently before editing my work. My long manuscript needed to be edited in every detail. However, Marc worked so efficiently that the edited work was sent to me in less than a week. I made a good choice with edit911.com.

Vic Kemble (Chinese Name: Li Songgen)

Beijing, China

Book Name: A Strange Man’s Diary

After coming back from the fourth largest freestanding mountain in the world, I had much to share. After getting that thought down, I turned to the team at Edit911.com to ensure that my writing possessed clarity and continuity. I was faced with a timeline I needed to have the book ready by, and they were prompt, accurate and, most importantly, affordable. I plan to continue using the services of Edit911 for future writing projects.

Davine A. Green – Author of The Uhuru Peak: The Quest for Mt. Kilimanjaro

A beginning novelist is a literal “babe in the wood.” The task of publishing is filled with anxiety and trauma. Much of that anxiety was eliminated with the excellent work of Marc Baldwin. His comments were easy to understand and, when there were questions, he patiently guided me through the problem to a satisfactory conclusion. I commend his fine work to all who undertake this journey.

Thomas E. Neel, EdD


I have not yet finished making all of your suggested revisions. I am, as I knew I would be, very impressed with your service and talent! You really make a difference. I can’t wait to submit my proposal.  Thank you so much for taking a huge load of stress off of my plate. It is truly appreciated. I am sure you will get the other half of this document once it is approved!

Sincerely yours,

Paul G., Doctoral Student

Dear Marc,

I would like to thank you for the incredible job you did editing my soon to be published book “MY VIRGINITY IS RUINING MY SEX LIFE.” You really took the stress off my shoulders. You did such a remarkable job, very timely and consistent too. I have other books lined up already, so you will be hearing from me again. Thank you so much for everything and the great review. You really gave my book the wow factor I needed to make it a bestseller. I enjoyed working with you.

Best Regards

Vivian Elebiyo

Edit 911.com is one of those rare and fortunate great finds. Foremost, I was impressed with the ease and speed that we established a working relationship. Second, all work was completed before or by the mutually agreed upon completion time. Third, the editors are well versed and proficient in varied non-fiction disciplines, and contributed greatly to better communicating the new relationship paradigms that I am introducing to the public. Fourth, service in regard to their availability to address and effectiveness in addressing personal concerns and issues was outstanding. Last, they did not just read and edit the material; they actually engaged in the material, and allowed themselves to be contributed to by the material. As an author whose commitment is to make a difference, nothing validates my work and warms my heart more than someone actually open to being contributed to by my work and/or others. Mutual contribution is the essence of relationships that work, and I have such a relationship with Edit 911.com. Thank you Marc for the opportunity to work in partnership with Edit 911.

Henry H. Bowens


I just have to say THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

Wow, the editing of my dissertation was incredible and so helpful. It made a huge difference and was just what I needed. If I can get any of my colleagues to use your service you will receive the highest recommendation I can give.

Again, thanks so much!

Michael Sommer (near future Rabbi)
Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion

Dear Marc,

I want to thank you for your super-prompt response to my editing request. Your encouragement helped me to find the confidence I needed to go ahead and publish my stories online. It’s a pleasure doing business with a real professional.

Many thanks,

Terrie Antico

Hi Marc,

I could not be any more pleased with your comments and editing suggestions! You will definitely see more submissions from me in the future. My husband gawked when I told him that I paid $80 for someone to read and edit my paper; it was quite funny actually. =) However, your comments and suggestions were well worth it! It’s obvious that you put a lot of time and effort into the editing process, and it is greatly appreciated.

Take care,

Kim Glover

Hello Dr. Marc,

Some time has passed since you did that major reconstruction of my manuscript ZENITH FLIGHT. I just have to say thank you for the hard work you put in to save my manuscript. Now it has a pulse that’s steady and strong.

A wonderful job was done by you and your staff, as you said you would do. For anyone who is thinking about using your services, they can rest assured the proof is in the pudding. Check BarnesandNoble.com and Amazon.com and you will see ZENITH FLIGHT.


My name is Tim Reedy and as a first time published author I wanted my manuscript polished before I submitted it to the publisher. It was my first book, so I was skeptical at first when other editing services informed me they could not edit poetry. Marc Baldwin of www.edit911.com proved to be a great choice. Not only had he taught poetry, he went above and beyond my expectations and as the slogan promised, “I was set.”


Wow! Thanks very much for the quick–and great–job with the editing. All of the testimonials on your website are true! You ARE great!

Thank you also for your kind words. My yet-to-be-published insecure ego appreciated your remarks.

My next step is to try to get an agent or publisher. If I get any takers, I’ll be back to have you edit the rest of my book.

Take care, all the best, and I hope we’ll be in contact again soon!


Thank you thank you Thank you thank you Thank you thank you Thank you thank you Thank you thank you Thank you thank you Thank you thank you Thank you thank you Thank you thank you Thank you thank you Thank you thank you Thank you thank you I could continue this till tomorrow :) but i won’t :)

I’m very very grateful, Marc. Your work on my dissertation is unbelievably good.

Loay Alnaji


I want to thank you for your prompt response and your very professional work in editing my book Tsunami: Building Organizations Capable of Prospering in Tidal Waves.

I very much enjoyed your promptness in responding to my questions and your even beating the time lines we agreed on by several days.

Your work was very efficient and the publishers felt that you did a very good job in finding and correcting all of the grammatical and punctuation errors that were in the original manuscript.

As I told you, I am working on two different books and will definitely want EDIT911 to do the editing on these for me.

I enjoyed working with you and want you to know that I appreciated the care you showed in handing my work

Best Regards!

Victor Pinedo


I am deeply grateful for, despite the short notice, understanding the urgency that was involved and, thus, agreeing to work on my PhD thesis–of all times–during the Christmas holidays. Equally, I owe you a debt of gratitude for the refined piece of work that you did on it; for the reasonable price that you charged me, and for delivering it days ahead of our agreed deadline. Thanks to you, I can now deliver the thesis on time; and I can relax with the feeling that the thesis conforms well to the rules of standard English grammar. You can be sure that I will use you from now on; and that I will recommend you to my friends and colleagues.

Yours sincerely,

Mercy Wambui Kamara

Department of Environment, Technology and Social Studies,

Roskilde University,


Homepage: http://www.ruc.dk/teksam/omteksam/personale/

In searching for an editor to edit the business plan for my company, I came across Edit911. Since the initial contact, Dr. Marc Baldwin has been with us every step of the way. No matter how big an assignment might be, he always delivers on time, time after time. The efficacy of his works is rated first class. Dr. Baldwin gives the company the added confidence it needs that when we publish written material for the outside world, it is well-constructed. I will recommend Edit911 to all my friends and colleagues alike.

Harry Desir, President

Medical Bottom Line, Inc.


I strongly recommend Marc Baldwin [Owner, Edit911.com] for his professional and fast editing services. I’m very appreciative of his prompt response to my needs. I know I got my money’s worth many times over. I am immensely satisfied with the editing that was done on my manuscript. Marc has become a treasured friend. I am so thankful for all of his honest comments and suggestions Therefore, I plan to be a repeat customer. A million thanks to you, Marc.

Your friend,

Heads or Tails

I have had the pleasure of working with Marc Baldwin on three separate occasions. Based on a referral from a fellow learner at Capella University, I contacted Marc regarding his editing services. During our conversation, he told me what would be included in his services, as well as projected turn around times.

I can say without a doubt that it was one of my best decisions I made during my course work. I knew that, with Marc’s help, I would be producing a professional document to send to my professors. I felt very confident that Marc would read the document for content, grammar, and APA style while making any necessary corrections. His turn around time was also excellent.

The services of Edit 911 saved me an enormous amount of time, as well as reduced my stress level by doing a great job of editing my papers.


Connie Harrison, MA. Ed., CMA

I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for the excellent job you did on the text on my website. I feel my message is much better transmitted now and think I will have a superior approach to prospective clients.

A remark has to be made regarding the kind and friendly treatment I received. I’ll definitely recommend your services to my colleagues. Thank you so much!

Santiago Pereyra

Owner, Weboo Web Design

Dear Marc,

Thank you for the professional, fast, efficient, and thorough way of editing my work. It was easier than I expected. I also very much appreciated your kind and positive comments. It was a pleasure to work with you, and I’ll be calling on you again with my next project. I certainly would recommend you to anyone in need of your service.


Elfi Hornby

Dancing to War

Shadow of Defeat

This letter is on behalf of Dr. Marc Baldwin. We here at Victory Outreach hired Dr. Baldwin to do several editing projects for us and were very pleased with his work. He was not only dependable but he was very consistent. Dr. Baldwin’s work was professional and he was also very quick to produce the results we requested of him. We feel that Dr. Baldwin’s work is very good and we look forward to working with him in the future.

Respectfully Submitted,

Elizabeth M. Sosa
Urban Training Center Administrative Assistant

Edit911 offers fast and thorough proofreading and editing. I have been amazed at the level of their thoughtfulness in editing since the beginning. Edit911 also makes me realize time and again how badly I needed a good proofreader in the past. In addition, its service is super-fast; when I send a document, I get it back the following day, fully edited. My days of trying to find a good proofreader for any of my important papers are gone. I highly recommend Edit911 for its second-to-none quality service.

Two thumbs up!!!
Isaac lee

I just wanted to send a sincere thank you for your great editorial work on my applied dissertation. I was really impressed with the quality of your work and communication. As a result of your efforts my dissertation was accepted on first submission. Your skill is greatly appreciated and I hope to seek your assistance again with my future professional writings.

Thanks again,

Dr. Richard Gissel

I have used this service and am very happy with the result. I received the response the very same day I e-mailed my essay. It was very nicely corrected, leaving its originality in tact. The grammar, prepositions and punctuation were fixed, as well as some of the awkward sentences that were in the essay. While it was corrected, the essay was still the one I wrote, with

my own ideas that were not changed in any way by the corrections that were made. I would recommend this service to those who want an excellent service, fast response and great essay correction. And don’t forget, you get the same great service but for much less than the other sites offer!!!

Mariya G.

I’ve been using Marc’s Edit911.com editing service for a few years for my consulting business. He’s edited all sorts of documents for me, from newsletter copy to business proposals. Besides correcting any grammar and punctuation problems, he always adds some zing to the copy with better word choices and sentence structure. His work is professional, fast, and dependable. I highly recommend Dr. Marc D. Baldwin and www.edit911.com.

Dennis Kyle, President

Positive Results


Marc Baldwin’s work is terrific. He not only helps us produce the focused,well-crafted articles that our customers demand, he saves us the expense of hiring an in-house editor.

Michael R. Greer
Greer Group

If your manuscript looks like an explosion in a grammar factory, Edit911.com will rescue it. Marc Baldwin provides all the editing you need to craft a winning manuscript. And, best of all, he’s like some of my old dates: fast and cheap.

Mark H. Ford
Attorney at Law

To Whom It May Concern,

I had the pleasure of working with Marc at Edit 911 on a book my wife and I recently authored. I was impressed with Marc’s professionalism and enthusiasm for the project.

We found him very responsive and able to turn things around quickly. We believe Marc is a man of integrity and good character. As editor of our book, Marc made a significant and favorable impact upon thefinished work.

Sterling & Marti Winterhalter
Supernatural Wealth

Edit 911 provided quality services at a reasonable price, and they delivered a blue line edit which allowed easy acceptance of the changes or keeping of the script as it was. From spelling corrections to copy editing they were instrumental in helping to polish up my manuscript. Having a set of second eyes look over your work is always a good thing.

You can check out a sample of Edit 911′s work found in my book Gypsy Kids, and also remember even when hiring an editing service, the ultimate responsibility for a quality product rests with you.

Frank DiLiberto

I am owner of Connecticut Secretary, a Virtual Secretarial service located in Branford, CT. The transition from being a Secretary and typing what was in front of me, to becoming involved through my business in the actual creative process was difficult for me at first.

Marc has changed all of that with his editing of my newsletter, brochures, and major promotional pieces. He gave me the confidence to set my services in front of professionals, many of whom have advanced degrees, with pride. Thank you, Marc, for your assistance, and for your assistance in the future with additional work.

Best Regards,

Kate Smalley, Owner

I have used Edit911 for several large and small projects over the years. They have always done an excellent job, and I have referred others to them on numerous occasions. When I needed an editor for my campaign website, I turned to Edit911 because I trust them completely with this most critical assignment. Thank you Marc and Edit911.

John Michael Wolfe
Candidate for 41st District Delegate, Virginia

Dear Marc,

THANK YOU very much for being so kind. We should definitely keep in touch and I will recommend your EXCELLENT

service to any of my friends who will need help with writing.

Univ. of Minnesota Honors Student

Dear Marc,

I just had to write you to let you know much I appreciate and respect your work! You are amazing! I feel privileged and honored to have been able to have such a knowledgeable, skilled professional edit my book. I am sincerely grateful to you for helping me produce a piece of work I am incredibly proud of. I can’t wait to share it with everyone.

Your timely delivery, attention to detail, and the personal care and concern you put into my project were truly above and beyond anything I could have hoped for! I never worried about anything because I knew you were on the job. As you know, this book is very important, emotional and close to my heart since it is my personal weight loss success story. I am passionate about sending the message to everyone that they can do it too and you helped me accomplish that! It meant a lot to me that you took it as seriously as I did.

Your knowledge and skill have brought my book to the next level and your encouragement has brought me to the next level. I have a website and many more projects coming up and I can’t imagine launching them without you!

I can’t thank you enough! Talk to you soon!

With gratitude,

Linda M. Rose


I contacted Marc for my dissertation proposal. His service was reasonable compared to others while looking around. After deciding to use his service, the result was remarkable. The service was prompt, professional, and very personal (he personally answered many questions I had with individual caring). I really appreciate his service and consideration. I will use his service again once I complete my dissertation.


Hi Marc,

I’ve said thank you many times since I began business with you and your team. Now that the editing seems complete at last, I find that “thank you” doesn’t quite express my gratitude. You were right; there are a lot of editors out there, but not all of them are for real. I understand the importance of having a professional edit on a beginning author’s first novel. Without a thoroughly clean manuscript the writer is in danger of sinking in a sea of disapproval from readers everywhere. 
     At the start, your clout and obvious credentials scared me. What I mean to say is: It all seemed too good to be true! An editing company that has an A+ with the BBB? It’s all amazing to someone like me and I’m glad that I took the plunge. Even though it doesn’t say it all, thank you. Thank you for backing every claim and providing everything promised. In this world, that kind of service is priceless.

Mychal Abbott
Author of The Kingdoms of Day

Edit911 made my books look like masterpieces by a prominent professor.
I am very fortunate that I met Edit911. I needed the best quality editing as my books are aiming for worldwide readers. Not only did I receive the highest quality work, their service is the best also. I always received an immediate reply to all my emails. Copy editing, substantive editing, factual data verification, and proofreading were all done flawlessly. The price was very low when the highest quality, authority, and peace of mind are considered.

Thank you very much. I wish you all the best until we meet again.

John Sim
Author of God Revealed in Mark and God Revealed in John

Marc –
Please hug Dr. Bruce for me!

My defense went well! I was confirmed the night of the defense….. Bruce!!!! I am at a loss for words. I knew from the beginning that my thought flow was often broken and that my formatting was at times just simply inconsistent. Bruce, you never passed judgment. You never made me feel uncomfortable. You treated as if I were your only customer. I was crying on my flight to the defense… not because I was nervous… not because I was uncertain… it was because this was the first time that anyone was able to “get me”.  This was the by far, one of the more rewarding parts of the dissertation process. My committee had very little changes. We shortened the abstract and I only became aware of their word count after my presentation.  We were much tighter than the noted in the handbook.  The other change was to add the definition/explanation of one the survey instruments 2-3 more times throughout the final chapter.  That was it!  The feedback that I received regarding the formatting was that they were thrilled with the changes and that all of their concerns were addressed.

I am now collecting the applicable signatures. Thank you seems so inadequate.  I appreciate your tone, your suggestions, your “existence”…. you are my ram in the bush. “Thank you”.

Daneene Barton

Hi Marc,

Please pass my thanks to Dr. Robert for his excellent work. My book is now concise (he edited out about 6,000 words of flab!) the embarrassing flowery passages are gone, and my chapters seem more to the point. I also appreciated his suggestion to add a brief prologue.

English is obviously not my native language, and I believe my book was given a chance by Dr. Robert.

Many thanks!

Sasha Efimenko
Author of The Dreamer

Dear Edit 911,

You guys did such a great job on editing my book! You have made it far tighter and neater than it was when I sent it. All the work involving little grammar rules certainly helped a lot as well. Overall, you guys really helped make my book a much more professional piece of work and I couldn’t have done that without you. Your determination to get the job done is certainly commendable. You were incredibly punctual and strictly stuck to the reasonable time frame you prescribed. I am very thankful for how you managed to edit while keeping the original tone I desired. Let’s just say that if I ever need anything edited again, be it my other books or a college paper, I am sure to send it to Edit 911! Thank you so much for all your help- Especially Dr. Steve!

Matt Salisbury

I used Edit911 for their copyediting services for my first novel and I have to say the service was incredible. They are professional, fast and do an incredible job. I was able to choose from a list of editors with extensive backgrounds in the literary field. Their credentials were all so impressive, one of the hardest things was to choose between them. The editor with whom I worked was able to complete a 700-page manuscript in much less time than I’d anticipated and was available to answer all of my questions within hours. All emails were answered quickly and in a very professional manner. My editor was accurate and took every page and detail in my work seriously. He tightened my novel, resulting in a much more concise and coherent work. Dr Marc Baldwin saw to it that I was satisfied and is to be commended on an outstanding company whose services are by far the best I’ve seen with respect to editing services. Edit911 also edited my query letter at no additional charge. I plan to use their services again for my three-page synopsis.

Thank you Edit911!

Christopher De Rosa

As a first time author, I knew I needed a professional editor but didn’t know how to start. I went online and checked out online editing companies. I picked Edit911 because it was the quickest to respond of all the websites I contacted. I found companies that had cheaper rates but decided to go with the one that seemed the most responsive. I admit, I was worried when I prepaid for my edit; I didn’t need to worry. I was amazed at how quickly my manuscript got back to me. My ninety thousand word manuscript was edited in little over a week. I am still a little embarrassed by how much better my novel was when I got it back. If you want the highest quality editing combined with speed, hire Edit911.

My novel Year of the Dead went on sale as an eBook on Amazon.com the second week of November 2010. As of January 20, 2011, my eBook became one of the top 100 best selling Science Fiction Novels in the Amazon Kindle store. There is no way this could have happened without Edit911.

Jack J. Lee
Year of the Dead

Writing “A Glimpse Into the Inner Workings of My God-What Organized Religions Don’t Know About Your God” (released February 14, 2011) over a span of 30 years pales in comparison to the extensive collaborative efforts it took between myself and my editors at Edit911 to turn hundreds of pages of my thoughts into a complete body of work. I am most appreciative for the numerous hours of meticulous and immense editorial assistance my book has undergone by Marc D. Baldwin, PhD, Founder and Editor-In-Chief, Edit911, Inc. Taking editing to a whole other level was Edit911’s Dr. William whose attention to the most minute details, including safeguarding the integrity of my inspirational book by challenging me to share with you, the reader, much more emotionally sensitive details of my life adventures than was originally divulged in the first drafts of my manuscript.

Marc your support and continued encouragement even after the completion of the grammatical editing and proofreading processes of my book is a testament to your integrity and passion for perfection in written words. I am currently writing another book and I can’t wait until the day when I can place my thoughts and words in the astute minds and technical capabilities of the PHD professionals at Edit 911!

–Michael Watson

The communication and confidentiality was most impressive. My questions and needs were met with the utmost care and concern. The suggestions provided throughout my document were easy to follow, concise, and meticulous. The editing job provided clarity and flow which enhanced my overall product. I was particularly impressed with the knowledge of both APA style format and the use of Microsoft word ensuring the formatting met the necessary requirements. Overall an exceptional service and was most impressed with the prompt, confidential, and genuine communication. I would NOT hesitate to both use the service again in the future if needed and would unquestionably recommend it to my friends and colleagues.
I would include other published academic work and because there are other authors I don’t want to do so without their permission.

Thanks again Marc… MUCH appreciated ALL.

I’ll be in touch with you again if the grad school needs anything changed that I cannot do although that does not see very likely.

Jay Johnson, Doctoral Candidate

Dr. Rachel has done a wonderful job with my manuscript. She is an absolute professional. The attention to details on each and every page was mind blowing. The general feedback was extremely constructive. I even saved some of her comments and recommendations as tips for future projects. I am a better writer now that I know many of my weaknesses. I have a life-long business partner in EDIT911.

Thank you so much.

Ali Niang

If you want assurance in your written work, you must try Edit 911.
Go to www.edit911.com give them a try; you will be pleased and relieved.
I was totally thankful for the exceptional serves, speedy response, and excellent, detailed recommendations from the expertise at Edit 911. The candor I receive regarding my future writing endeavors has helped me professionally as well as personally. I am so glad that my colleague recommended Edit 911, it is a wonderful resource.

Dr. Monica Hayman

I am BLOWN away with the care and effort your editor took with my thesis. I am so impressed! I am actually with several of my friends who are also working on their thesis and have highly recommended your service. The summary page is a HUGE benefit and helps me quickly look at what the major issues were. You guys charge half the price and do twice as much! I am starting a doctorate program in the fall and GUARANTEE you will be hearing from me again soon! Thanks so much!

Kate Cromwell