Here’s Why You Need an Editing Service for Your Book

If you’re busy these days writing a book, a question may be wandering in your mind: “Do I really need a book editor?” The answer, of course, depends on several factors. But if this is your first book writing and publishing experience, the answer mainly depends on your level of self-confidence.

So, if the answer you’re getting is: “Yes! Your book does need editing”, then you can get in touch with EDIT911, the best and the most affordable online editing and proofreading company.

However, if you’re feeling high on self-confidence (which is a great thing, we do love confident writers) and your brain tells you that you don’t need an editor, this post is for you.

Even if you feel like you don’t want to hire book editing services, you can’t deny the importance of editing. George R.R. Martin (yes, the guy that gave us Game of Thrones) said about book editors, “They are the invisible people, and that’s a dreadfully ironic situation, because they are the most important editors of all.”

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To be perfectly candid, we understand why you might be feeling like you don’t need a professional editor, especially if you’re self-publishing. According to Statista, self-publishing has gone through the roof in recent years, and rightfully so.

Self-publishing has made things a whole lot easier for writers, and long gone are the days when aspiring writers struggled to get published. With technology, self-publishing has become commonplace and we’re all for it!

However, that shouldn’t undermine the need for professional editing. So, let’s talk about why you do need an editing service for your book.

Why Do You Need a Book Editor?

Aspiring authors today can easily find tried and tested strategies for writing, organizing, and publishing their content. From self-publishing courses to self-publishing platforms and free resources that help you decode the mystery of writing and publishing, it’s all fairly simple now.

All you need to do is put in the energy, time, effort, and cost, and you can self-publish a book. However, the multifaceted and (believe us when we tell you that the) undervalued endeavor of book editing is not so straightforward.

So, we’ll fight through the temptation of quoting Stephen King about how writing is human and editing is divine and ending the post on that note, and explain why you need a book editor.

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Most writers seek out the help of an editor in the final stages of their writing process, however, many professional writers involve their editors in the writing process from the beginning. For novice writers, when they finish the grueling first draft, they think the hard part is over.

However, in reality, writing is the fun part; what follows is the hard part. From extensive rewriting to painstaking edits, ask published writers and they’ll tell you that revision is 80% of the work when it comes to writing a book.

Another misconception that novice writers have is that editing is a one-off job. However, your editor will make at least four different types of edits in your draft.

Developmental Edits

These edits will address the big picture stuff, which involves giving your manuscript a close look. For works of fiction, your editor will look to analyze the plot, structure, and characters. For non-fiction material, the editor will address organization, rhetorical concerns, and the overall flow of thoughts and ideas.

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Content Edits

These edits will focus on the existing content of your manuscript, specifically on readability, voice, tense, and paragraph flow. It’s also important to remember that editing is a largely subjective game so what one editor likes, the other may not.

Copy Edits

These edits will be more focused on the nitty-gritty issues, such as grammar, punctuation, syntax, clarity, and revising particular paragraphs or sentences.


This step is the last one in which the editors will comb through your manuscript for any errors that may still be left. However, proofreading before copyediting isn’t as useful, so it’s important to get professional book editors who’ll follow the necessary protocols.

In short, editing involves a lot of work that you can’t and shouldn’t try to take on all by yourself. Hiring professional editing services is not a luxury but a necessity if you’re trying to get your book published.

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Some More Reasons You Need Professional Book Editors

If you’re still not convinced, here are some more reasons you need a professional book editor:

Editors help save a lot of time and bring objectivity to the table which can help refine your work greatly. If you try to do it yourself, it can take you even longer to edit and revise the whole thing than it took you to write it.

Your editor brings a fresh perspective to the table and lets you know when you get hung up on certain ideas or structural issues. They help you pick up on problems that you may have overlooked or disregarded and help you with the problems you have identified.

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