More Services

We provide these free additional editing services:

1) Repeat client discount & referral program

* A 5% discount to all of our repeat clients for all future editing services.

* A referral program. We will pay you 5% of the gross receipts paid by anyone whom you refer to us for editing. For example, if a friend or colleague of yours pays for a $1000 editing job, we will pay you $50.

2) Comprehensive book editing and evaluation

For no additional charge, when we edit your book we also will evaluate its content. No other copyediting service will give you this valuable courtesy for free. When we return your edited book to you, it will have evaluative comments in the margins. In addition, we will include the following checklist as a separate file, completely filled out with professional, doctorate level commentary by your editor.

3) Help with getting published

If we edit your book for you, we will also:

  • Assist you with writing an effective Query Letter to send to Agents or Publishers
  • Provide you with valuable advice and resources for attaining an Agent
  • Assist you with writing a Press Release, if you so desire

Put the A+ BBB reputation and international professional network of Edit911 to work for you. Hire us and we’ll work tirelessly to help you realize your dreams of earning your degree or getting published, thus ensuring that your career rapidly becomes a great success story.