Why Is Grammar Important for Writing?

Everyone has a different relationship with grammar. Some feel it is not as important as getting the general context of your text right, whereas others feel it’s the basis of all writing that must be followed to a T. While we understand the importance of context, which can be enhanced by using anecdotes, statistics, etc., we also believe there is a need for focusing on grammar as it enhances every piece of writing and adds a universal appeal that makes the text more enjoyable to read while adding a layer of professionalism.

Proper sentence structure and grammar can enhance any written text

What Is Grammar?

The word grammar is derived from Greek, and it means “art of letters,” which makes it the foundation of communication through written and spoken words. Grammar is a basic system of rules and principles used for speaking and writing any language which is dependent on the form and structure of words. The basis of grammar lies in the eight parts of speech, which include:

  • Nouns – words that are names of people, places, things, or ideas
  • Pronouns – words that are replacements for nouns in sentences
  • Verbs – words that describe an action or experience
  • Adjectives – words that describe nouns and pronouns
  • Adverbs – words that describe verbs
  • Prepositions – words used before nouns and pronouns to show a relationship of space, time, or logic
  • Conjunctions – words used to join words or a group of words in sentences
  • Interjections – words conveying strong emotions typically ending with an exclamation mark

Grammar creates the foundation for effective communication by ensuring there is harmony between the parts of speech mentioned, so we can express ourselves in a way that makes sense to other people. As a highly effective tool for providing structured, clearer, and easier to understand content, grammar can enhance any message, regardless of whether it’s spoken or written.

Why Is Grammar Important?

The increased penetration of technology might signify a decreased need to focus on grammar; however, the opposite is true. Through the power of the internet, we are exposed to written content in different forms, including blogs, articles, social media posts, emails, and texts. It is not only important to be careful about what we are writing online, but to hold the user’s attention, it is also important to think about how well we communicate our message.

Grammar helps us use words and sentences to communicate a clear message with its intended tone. Young children learn languages and start to comprehend grammar from listening to adults and other children. Grammar instruction aids in teaching correct patterns in speech and writing to clarify written texts or spoken words. It encourages clear and effective writing, and it improves listening and speaking skills.

Common errors such as squinting modifiers, subject-verb disagreements, incorrect capitalizations, sentence fragments, incorrect tenses, and ambiguous pronoun references can often leave the reader confused about the overall message being presented. For example:

Adam and Scott are going to the mall because he wants to buy shoes.

In the sentence above, it is unclear who the “he” is from context as it could be either Adam or Scott; however, if we rewrite the sentence to read:

Because Adam wants to buy shoes, he is going to the mall with Scott.

The rewritten sentence clearly communicates the intended message and saves the reader from the headache of deciphering the true meaning of the sentence.

The example might be simple, but it is relevant in larger contexts as well because grammatical errors or ambiguity can result in comprehension issues that can derail the reader from understanding the purpose of the text. The growth of the internet and social media allows users to consume more information than possible during the times when paper was the main source of sharing written text. With the plethora of information available, the time each reader takes to go through a written piece is significantly diminished, which is why there is an increased need for text to be flawless in terms of grammar to enhance understanding.

Editing and Proofreading Services for Enhancing Grammar

Grammar can be used to enhance any written form of communication, whether it’s a novel, your dissertation, or online content. While you might have a great idea, it doesn’t make you a great communicator as well, but that’s where professional editing and proofreading services can come to your aid and uplift your idea by adding a degree of clarity through the use of proper grammar.

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