No matter where you are in your dissertation process — picking your topic, researching, writing, rewriting, or looking for a dissertation editing service — let these Academy Award winning movies inspire you to truly great writing!

10. True Grit

Dissertation writing is as much about perseverance as it is about research or good writing. Make a schedule for your writing and stick to it. Don’t beat yourself up if you let the schedule go from time to time. Set goals and reset them as needed. You don’t have to finish in record time; the goal is to finish.

9. The Social Network

It pays to consult your friends and connections for help. Don’t be afraid to ask. Seek a good dissertation editing service if need be.  Most of all, keep in contact with your professors. Bounce ideas off them. Ask for advice. Communication is key. Your dissertation editing will be a breeze if you find a good dissertation editing service.

8.  The Fighter

Sometimes you have to fight through challenges and opposition to accomplish your goals. You may be working a full time job or a parent or any other multitude of challenges. Keep your head up and keep fighting through to the finish.

7. Inception

Your dissertation will invade your dreams. It is inevitable. Don’t be afraid to keep a pad of paper or your laptop by your bed to record those inspirations. Just look them over in daylight too and make sure they withstand the light of day. And if it turns out to be a bad idea or lead, don’t let the critiques or criticisms of others derail your goal or self-worth. Purge negative thoughts others might implant!

6. Black Swan

Write with clear direction and purpose. Post your thesis on your computer to help keep you on track. But watch out for obsessions. A wise professor once said, “You can aim to write the perfect dissertation or you can finish it.”

5. 127 Hours

Writer’s block is real and may cause some severe alterations to liberate your writing. Change of scenery is key. Breaks are a must. Gain inspiration from fields other than your own to infuse new energy and creativity into your writing.

4. Toy Story 3

Don’t forget the ones who got you to where you are today. Keep friends, family, and other supporters in the loop of your progress. You are part of their legacy.

3. The Kids Are All Right

Some problems are just extremely complex. Learning to bracket the conversation in your research and writing is key. After all, you will want to save some related issues for your follow up research!

2. Alice in Wonderland

You too may face the reality of how you are changing as a person through this experience. Embrace how you have grown, the challenges you have overcome, and the new work that you are creating while writing your dissertation.

1. The King’s Speech

You too have a voice. Express it through your dissertation — no matter the challenges you face and those who tell you why you can’t succeed. Express yourself through a topic you are passionate about. It will carry you through to the finish! And don’t hesitate to find a great dissertation editor by seeking help from a dissertation editing service such as Edit911.