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Victor Pinedo

I want to thank you for your prompt response and your very professional work in editing my book. I very much enjoyed your promptness and your beating the time lines we agreed on by several days. Your work was very efficient and the publishers felt that you did a very good job in finding and correcting all of the grammatical and punctuation errors that were in the original manuscript.

Joseph P. Pitts

Author / Zenith Flight
You did a major reconstruction of my manuscript. I just have to say thank you for the hard work you put in to save it. Now it has a pulse that’s steady and strong. A wonderful job was done by you and your staff, as you said you would do. For anyone who is thinking about using your services, they can rest assured the proof is in the pudding. Once again, you guys did a great job! Thank you for all your help!

What Our English Editing Service Will Do

We’ll do for you what we did for Victor and Joseph, performing the following tasks and correcting 100% of the errors and issues:

  • Correct all errors in spelling, punctuation and format
  • All grammar issues, including run-on sentences, comma splices, fragments, verb tenses and agreements, etc.
  • Revise and improve the construction of your sentences
  • Suggest any necessary revisions in topic development and logic
  • Revise and improve the organization of your ideas, the clarity of your thoughts, and the economy and precision of your words.
  • Stylistic weaknesses, such as wordiness, passive voice, awkward constructions, etc.
  • Appropriate tone
  • Appropriate diction
  • Paragraph structure (order of thoughts, length, transitions, etc.)
  • Sentence structure (clarity, syntax, subordination and coordination, parallelism, etc.)
  • Redundancy or repetition
  • Explain all of our corrections and suggestions in a personal, non-form cover letter
  • Check all formatting–including citations, references, and footnotes–in whatever style you’re using (APA, Chicago, Harvard, MLA, or any other style)

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We provide these free additional services:

  • Repeat client discount & referral program: We offer a 5% discount to all of our repeat clients for all future editing services. We also have a referral program. We will pay you 10% of the gross receipts paid by anyone whom you refer to us for editing. Sign up here!
  • Comprehensive book evaluation
  • For no additional charge, when we edit your book we also will evaluate its content. No other copyediting service will give you this valuable courtesy for free. When we return your edited book to you, it will have evaluative comments in the margins. In addition, we will include the following checklist as a separate file, completely filled out with professional, doctorate level commentary by your editor.
  • Our informative & entertaining Blog & published books, white papers, and articles!
  • Help with getting published

If we provide you with book editing, our book editors will also:

  • Assist you with writing an effective Query Letter to send to Agents or Publishers
  • Provide you with valuable advice and resources for attaining a Literary Agent
  • Assist you with writing a Press Release, if you so desire


Put the A+ BBB reputation and international professional network of Edit911 to work for you. Hire us and we’ll work tirelessly to help you realize your dreams of earning your degree or getting published, thus ensuring that your career rapidly becomes a great success story.

What Our Academic Editing Service Does Not Do

Our editing of academic work for graduate students—specifically papers, theses, and dissertations turned in for credit toward college and university degrees—adheres to strict ethical standards. We are all college professors and we do not approve of editing services that violate ethical standards.  Such editing services are helping people defraud the public by passing off work they bought as their own work. Frankly and bluntly, such cheating constitutes fraud and such people who buy papers and dissertations are, themselves, frauds.

Please take note of the following:

  • We are NOT a paper-writing or dissertation-writing service.
  • We do NOT do any conceptual thinking, research, or extensive writing for our clients.
  • We will not do unlimited revisions of an academic work that is clearly beyond the help of the editing services that we detail throughout this website.  In other words, some writing cannot be ethically edited. Therefore, we reserve the right to reject any submission that is so poorly written it cannot be ethically edited.

If you have any doubt whether or not your professor approves of your employment of our ethical editing service, please check with him or her.

We reserve the right to reject any submission that is so poorly written it cannot be ethically edited.