You’ve been writing your book a long time. You know it’s good—it’s very close to being done and ready to submit to an agent or a self-publisher. You can’t wait for your friends and the world to read it! Deep down, though, you know that something just isn’t right: maybe the flow, or a character, or a scene, or some of the diction, or the formatting, or some typos or grammatical issues.

You know you need a book editor, but which editor? How can you find the best book editor for the best price? A book editor who’ll understand and appreciate your book?

At Edit911 Editing Service, our PhD book editors are all published authors. They are one-in-a-million, expert editors who will treat your book like it’s theirs, at the highest quality imaginable. Get in touch with us today for affordable book proofreading and editing services!

    The Benefits of Hiring Our Book Editing Service

    • Our world-class Staff of all PhDs. At least 20 of them are published novelists or non-fiction authors. They all teach writing and/or literature in college. Book editors don’t come any better than ours.
    • Our 100% perfect Better Business Bureau of America (BBB) rating, which means that you can use our editing service with the utmost confidence, knowing that 15,000 clients before you have been satisfied by our work. No other business in any industry scores any better than perfect.
    • Our helpful and informative Blog, which gives you all sorts of scholarly and practical advice about book writing and book editing.
    • Our 100% guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with our book editing, whether fiction editing or non-fiction editing. While we cannot guarantee your book will be published, we’ll do our very best to maximize its quality and, thus, enhance its chances of publication.
    • Our list of published clients. Our book editors–both fiction editors and non-fiction editors–helped get them published.
    • Our endless list of testimonials. They’re all genuine, true, and trustworthy. All of our clients are 100% satisfied. Here’s just one of them:

      WOW! Holy editing, Batman! You guys did an amazing job and in a fraction of the time I expected. This will go down in history as the fastest turnaround I have had with just about anything! Unbelievably great job! Thanks again!

      Nathan Gold, The Demo Coach

      I truly admire Edit 911 and the quality service that you provide. Your business is truly a business to serve the needs of others. I would happily recommend Edit 911 to anyone. The book editing is fantastic and your customer service is friendly, patient, and helpful. I absolutely couldn’t have done this without you.

      Non-Fiction Book Editing

      Let our published authors perform your book editing, maximizing its quality and, thus, enhancing its chances for successful publication.

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      Fiction Book Editing

      Let our published novel editors perform your book editing, maximizing its quality and, thus, enhancing its chances for successful publication.

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        Edit911 did a wonderful job editing and improving my work. I expected them to make grammatical corrections and help with sentence structure, but I never expected so much input about my characters and the story itself. It was obvious to me based on the book editor’s comments that they had taken the time to read the work and were committed to improving it with their suggestions. My book has been out now for two months and I receive comments from people all the time about how nicely the book flows. As a new author, I believe a large part of that is because of the quality of the editing work done by Edit 911. If you are looking for someone to improve your writings and you want it done efficiently and easily, I highly recommend the editors at Edit 911.
        D. Eric Horner, Author of 'Guilt'

        We’ll help you get published.

        The publishing business is tough. Many more books are written than ever make it into print. Whether you’re planning on finding an agent or going the self-publishing route, you need to be sure your book is edited and proofed well. Fiction editing and non-fiction editing are very demanding skills that require book editors to read every single word individually—focusing on diction choice—while also considering each sentence, paragraph, scene, character, conflict, and idea, both individually and in relation to the entire book. You need the best to edit your book. That’s all there is to it.

        • For no additional charge, when we edit your book we also will evaluate its content. No other editing company will give you this valuable service for free.
        • When we return your edited book to you, it will have evaluative comments in the margins.
        • In addition, we will include a thorough checklist as a separate file, completely filled out with professional, doctorate level commentary by your book editor.
        • While we obviously cannot guarantee that your book will be published, we can guarantee that you’ll be 100% satisfied with our editing. Submit your book now!

        I’ve received awards for my writing, which requires the kind of expert book editing that Edit911 provides. A special thanks to the book editor and her many suggestions that helped bring to my attention opportunities for brush up and fine tuning before submitting the project to agents and publishers. Of very special importance to me is the willingness of the Edit911 staff to help me become a better writer. After editing each of my books I’ve received a letter from Edit911 that has always resulted in my making a decision to continue writing and move on to my next book.

        Ed Muesch, Author, Land of Men