Introducing Edit911 English Editing Service

Who are we? We’re the editing service employed by Toyota, DHL, Black & Decker, Transitions Optical, Hanson Robotics, Cambridge College, the University of Phoenix, dozens of other companies and institutions, and thousands of professionals and students.  Let our doctors inject your writing with a jolt of energy and style. Simply send us your text and we’ll edit it quickly and economically.

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  • We’re All PhDs: Working college professors, scholars, and published authors highly skilled at English editing, book editing, dissertation editing, thesis editing, academic editing, and business document editing. Few other online editing services can match our credentials (See Staff).
  • We’re All Writers: Check our informative and entertaining Blog, full of tips and methods about writing and copyediting. More blog entries are posted every day.
  • We’re All Mentors and Advisors: In addition to editing your work, we’ll give you a comprehensive report on your work. We’re all college professors, so we love to teach and help in any way we can. Thus, we don’t just edit your work; we also explain what we’ve done and share with you whatever observations and advice that occur to us. Please check out our sample editing reports.
  • We’re Perfect: A+ record with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) of America for all our editing services.
  • We’re Experienced: More than 50,000 documents edited since 1999.
  • We’re Simple: We don’t make you choose from some pointless list of writing types and editors. We’ll match you with one of our English editors, book editors, dissertation editors, thesis editors, or basic copyeditors for your project.
  • We’re Fast: No extra charge for rush jobs. Most other editing services charge an exorbitant fee for a quick turnaround, especially with book editing, thesis editing, and dissertation editing.
  • We’re Efficient: No account to open, no waiting for a quote, no nonsense. Simply go to Order Service, calculate your rate based on word count, pay the appropriate amount, and send us your text via the Submit Project page. We’ll get started immediately.
  • We’re Helpful: We offer free consultation and advice. Most other editing services charge for advice on how to write better or get published. We’ll be happy to tell you everything we know for no charge. Check our published books, white papers, and articles!
  • We’re Successful: We have a long list of satisfied, enthusiastic clients (See Testimonials and Published Clients).
  • We’re Safe: 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed on all our editing (See Terms of Use & Privacy Policy).

What our clients say

Rene Fonseca
The first word that came to mind when I saw these results was “WOW”. The services that you provided exceeded my expectations, dreams, and prayers. I’ll try to come up with the appropriate superlatives to use. For now, I can think of: incredible, fascinating, impeccable, outstanding, unmatched, and top-notch. In my terms, you dug my paper out of a hole, dusted it off, and made it shine brightly.

Why hire a PhD for editing?

When you hire us to edit your work, you’ll be employing a master editor who is also a proven expert in editing the exact type of text you’ve written.

Prospective clients sometimes ask why they should have their book editing, thesis editing, dissertation editing, academic editing, or other copyediting done by a PhD. They wonder why someone with a B.A. or M.A. degree can’t copy edit their work just as well.

Many excellent editors all over the world are not PhDs. We would never disparage anyone without a PhD or mean to suggest that one cannot be a professional editor without a doctorate degree. Likewise, we have interviewed, tested, and declined to hire hundreds of PhDs who are not good editors at all! Good editors are hard to find, PhD or not.

That said, here are the main reasons why Edit911’s Staff of PhDs are excellent dissertation editors, thesis editors, book editors, and copyeditors in general:

  • A PhD has undergone an intensive and rigorous training as a thinker, scholar, reader and writer. In every one of 10-15 doctoral courses, the student—who already possesses an M.A. degree—must write several fully researched and documented academic papers, from 10-20 pages apiece. Then, the PhD candidate must take nine or more hours of comprehensive written essay exams that are graded on the quality of their composition and writing, as well as their content. Finally, the candidate must write a dissertation, which is a fully researched and documented book-length study. Throughout the process, the candidate’s writing is scrutinized by a committee of PhDs, who demand excellence before awarding the coveted doctorate degree.
  • Our PhDs have taken and passed with a 100% score a very tricky and demanding little test. Fully 75% or more of our applicants fail the test because we demand a score of 100%.
  • Our PhDs are all published scholars and/or authors of books.
  • The editing our PhDs perform must include both grammar, formatting, and content. For example, when editing a doctoral dissertation, the PhD must attend to a) standard English issues; b) style guide formatting (APA, CMS, MLA, etc.); and c) content evaluation, feedback, and guidance. They are assigned their dissertation editing jobs based on matching their doctorate discipline with that of the client’s. Thus, the client is receiving not just good editing and proofreading; the client is receiving doctoral advice from an expert in his or her field. To take another example, 17 PhDs on our Staff have published novels or non-fiction books. They are also matched closely with the genre of book they must edit. Again, they edit not just for grammar and the like; they also give valuable advice about the genre’s conventions and requirements. Their content, structural, and developmental editing is informed by their own experience as writers who have successfully become published.

Julianne Vickers

Director of Operations / Oasis Audio
Remember Marketing 101, when you were taught the production triangle: Quality, Time, Cost? We were told you can occasionally get two of the three from your vendors if you’re lucky, but rarely all three. Edit911 consistently delivers all three. When I Googled ‘manuscript editors,’ little did I expect to find such a gem of a company. I greatly appreciate their book editing, as well as the comments and suggestions. In fact, the editing of this fiction novel is the best I’ve read to date.