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Welcome to Edit911. We are an industry leader, offering all-inclusive copy-editing services to writers at affordable prices. Our Staff consists of all PhDs—highly qualified and seasoned copy editors and writers who have years of experience in perfecting texts, making them error-free and ready for publishing.

Copyediting is all about:

  • Streamlining the content;
  • Improving its readability;
  • Refining the sentences;
  • Making it lucid and devoid of needless jargon;
  • Rectifying grammatical and typo errors, and more.

In short, our editors transform the initial draft of your manuscript into a finished product, which will pique the interest of your target readers. We are the copy-editing specialists you need by your side, to assure that none of your texts would ever get rejected over bad formatting and editing issues.

Edit911 Pro Tips: How to Incorporate Best Practices in Copy-Editing?

What makes for a stellar text? Readers are attracted to lucid and linear style writing, with zero errors. That’s the very basic of drafting a readable manuscript. However, the pros on team Edit911 can make it even better by incorporating the following best copy-editing practices:

  • Proofread the content multiple times.
  • Replace all complex words and sentence constructions (unless it’s necessary for the sake of the text).
  • Remove unnecessary punctuation.
  • Exclude all redundancies from the text.
  • Refrain from using passive voice.
  • Prevent repetition of facts.

These days the internet is teeming with hundreds of editing services and editing apps. So why choose Edit911? Because we provide you with real human expertise and creative flair, something that no program and software can replicate. Unlike software programs, our PhDs eschew the cookie-cutter one-size-fits-all aggregated approach. We evaluate and add finesse to your writing backed by years of experience as editors.

I have hired Edit911’s copy editing services multiple times, and they have never let me down. Their editors have hawk-eye vision and can skim the minutest of errors in the copy, not to mention refine it to enhance the readability. They are also very particular about delivering on time.

Laura Evans, Research Scholar
What exactly will you do to improve my writing?2023-07-20T13:36:28-07:00
We proofread, edit, and correct all spelling, punctuation, grammar errors, and typos. We also copyedit your text for clarity, organization, development of ideas, and diction. Our Doctors of English tailor their editing to suit each text.
What kind of editing and proofreading do you do?2023-07-20T13:34:51-07:00
We copyedit and proofread all written documents, including books, articles, essays, term papers, dissertations, masters theses, websites, business correspondence, reports, newsletters, and advertising copy.
Can you be more specific about your editing?2023-07-20T13:37:00-07:00
We won’t write large chunks of text for you, but we will write some additional or substitute words, phrases, clauses, or even sentences if necessary. In other words, we’ll make whatever changes we can to improve your text. For example, if there’s a more concise or effective way of wording a sentence, we’ll revise the sentence. If a better, more precise word occurs to us, we’ll use it. If your text is wordy, choppy, disorganized, or just plain mixed up, we’ll do whatever it takes to fix it.
How can I be sure my document will be edited the way I want?2024-05-30T06:57:01-07:00
All of our editors have doctoral degrees in English or a related writing-intensive field, as well as experience as teachers, published authors, and professionals in assorted disciplines. We’ve edited literally thousands of books and dissertations, essays for college and business, and countless other written documents of every length and type. Whatever editing service you need, we provide the right editor to get the job done, whether it’s dissertation editing, thesis editing, book editing, or general manuscript editing.
What if I’m not happy with your editing?2023-07-20T13:38:22-07:00
Rarely are our clients unhappy with our work. Please check our Testimonials and perfect A+ BBB record. However, if you are unhappy for any reason, please write your concerns in a detailed email to us. We will positively and thoroughly address your concerns by having another editor go over your work a 2nd time for no additional charge. Your 100% satisfaction is our goal and we will do whatever it takes to assure that you are, indeed, completely happy with our work.


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