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Edit911 is a US-based fully-remote company with editors and clients in over 75 countries around the world.

Our support hours are 7am – 7pm EST.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do you use any software for editing?2023-07-20T13:56:40-07:00

    No, we do not rely on any kind of paid or free editing tools. All our editing is undertaken by highly qualified and experienced editors.

    Is copy-editing different from proofreading services?2023-07-20T13:55:16-07:00

    Both are interlinked. The process of copy-editing makes your document easy to read and understand, more lucid, and error-free. Our copyeditors conduct extensive proofreading before and after editing the document to ensure zero error.

    I’m just not sure you’re the best.2023-07-20T13:54:34-07:00

    Read our Blog. There are many informative and well-written articles that demonstrate our skills as writers and editors, as well as giving you tips and strategies for reading, writing, and thinking. Please comment on them and let’s have a conversation! Speaking of which, please drop us an email. We welcome the opportunity to answer any of your questions or just to chat about writing. Hey, we’re all college professors. We love to talk!

    Can you do a small sample edit for free?2023-07-20T13:53:39-07:00
    Due to our international reputation for excellence, our Staff of all PhDs, our stellar Testimonials, and our perfect A+ BBB record, we don’t provide free samples. Those services that offer free samples do so at the expense of their editors, who are forced to do free samples if they want work. We find that unethical, to ask people to work for free. However, all that said, if your work is a minimum of 60,000 words and you agree in advance to the fee (provided, of course, that you like the results of our free sample), we’ll do one for you. We will need you to send the entire document so that we can see exactly what it will take to edit it prior to doing the free sample for you.
    We’re a large enterprise company, why should we hire you?2023-07-20T13:52:49-07:00
    Toyota, DHL, Transitions Optical, and Hanson Robotics, among others, have all employed us on a variety of copyediting tasks. We offer clients the very best service and value at the lowest possible price, while standing behind our work 100%. We consider every editing job to be a golden opportunity to develop a lifelong relationship with our clients. With that goal in mind, we work efficiently, for a modest fee, and with the industry’s fastest turnaround. You’ll receive precise, concise, and correct copyediting, on time every time. Please have a look at our Staff—it’s the best team of business editors in the world, bar none. Take note of our membership in TrustE, the BBB, and Hacker Safe. Read our Privacy Statement and peruse our Testimonials. No other editing service is our equal. Give us a try and we’ll try our very best to earn your business for life.
    I want to protect my work before sending it to you, do you have any copyright advice?2023-07-20T13:51:30-07:00
    Simply saving your work to a thumb drive and mailing it to yourself—leaving it inside the postmarked, sealed envelope—protects you should a legal issue ensue. Otherwise, to officially and formally copyright your work, there are many services on the net that can help you for fees ranging from $50-150. Just Google “copyright service.”
    How do I know my work is secure and you won’t steal any part of it?2023-07-20T13:57:45-07:00
    We’re all professional PhDs with the greatest integrity and honesty. Please read our Privacy Policy and note that we’re members of TrustE, the internet’s largest independent certification organization. We’re also members of the BBB, with a perfect A+ record, never having had a single complaint filed against us. Furthermore, we’re happy to sign an NDA. We have a highly secured protocol enhanced by end-to-end encryption for all communication and file transfer with the client. Both your document and personal details will be in safe hands.
    How do I know my editor is in fact a PhD?2023-07-20T13:49:37-07:00
    Please see our Terms of Use statement. In it, we guarantee that our Staff is composed entirely of PhDs. Please notice that has been certified by both TrustE and the Better Business Bureau (BBB).
    Why should I care about using a PhD to edit my work?2023-07-20T13:48:41-07:00

    We readily acknowledge that many excellent editors all over the world are not PhDs. We would certainly would never disparage anyone without a PhD or mean to suggest that one cannot be a professional editor without a doctorate degree. We have personally interviewed, tested, and declined to hire hundreds of PhDs who are not good editors at all! Good editors are hard to find, PhD or not. That said, there are two main reasons why Edit911’s Staff of PhDs are excellent dissertation editors, thesis editors, book editors, and copyeditors in general.

    • A PhD has undergone an intensive and rigorous training as a thinker, scholar, reader and writer. In every one of 10-15 doctoral courses, the student—who already possesses an M.A. degree—must write several fully researched and documented academic papers, from 10-20 pages apiece. Then, the PhD candidate must take nine or more hours of comprehensive written essay exams that are graded on the quality of their composition and writing, as well as their content. Finally, the candidate must write a dissertation, which is a fully researched and documented book-length study. Throughout the process, the candidate’s writing is scrutinized by a committee of PhDs, who demand excellence before awarding the coveted doctorate degree.
    • Our PhDs have taken and passed with a 100% score a very tricky and demanding test. Fully 75% or more of our applicants fail the test because we demand a score of 100%.
    • Our PhDs are all published scholars and/or authors of books.
    • The editing our PhDs perform must include both grammar, formatting, and content. For example, when editing a doctoral dissertation, the PhD must attend to a) standard English issues; b) style guide formatting (APA, CMS, MLA, etc.); and c) content evaluation, feedback, and guidance. They are assigned their dissertation editing jobs based on matching their doctorate discipline with that of the client’s.

    Thus, the client is receiving not just good editing and proofreading; the client is receiving doctoral advice from an expert in his or her field. To take another example, 17 PhDs on our Staff have published novels or non-fiction books. They are also matched closely with the genre of book they must edit. Again, they edit not just for grammar and the like; they also give valuable advice about the genre’s conventions and requirements. Their content, structural, and developmental editing is informed by their own experience as writers who have successfully become published.

    When you hire us to edit your work, you’ll be employing a master editor who is also a proven expert in editing the exact type of text you’ve written.

    Can I make payments?2023-07-20T13:46:23-07:00
    On editing jobs of 40,000+ words, we can accept 2-3 payments. We will edit ½ or 1/3rd of your work, return it to you, and await the next payment, upon which time we will resume the editing.
    How much does your editing cost?2023-07-20T13:45:52-07:00
    See our Order Service page for details. For an instant quote, simply enter your document’s word count and a quote will automatically generate.
    How long will it take you to edit my work?2023-07-20T13:44:52-07:00
    We aim to start every submission within two hours of receiving it. We work steadily on it and finish it as quickly as possible, without compromising quality. Although our speed depends on our schedule and the length of your work, we’ll have your edited document back to you before your deadline or we won’t accept the job. If you’re concerned that our advertised turnaround time isn’t fast enough, please send us an email stating your deadline and we’ll respond immediately with our confirmation and guarantee of meeting it.
    What if I only want my dissertation formatted, not edited?2023-07-20T13:44:26-07:00
    We have edited over 3,000 dissertations and we have yet to find one that was in perfect shape, even those that their authors claimed were already edited. The aspects of style—whether APA, CMS, MLA, Harvard, or any other—permeate a dissertation. From margins to comma usage, from citations to italics, from reference pages to headings, spacing, fonts, and everything else, all style manuals contain literally hundreds, if not thousands, of rules and standards to follow. Asking a PhD editing service such as ours to “only format my dissertation” is like going to an M.D. and asking him or her to “just check my throat because everything else is okay.” A problem with your throat could indicate numerous other problems, such as sinuses, your gastrointestinal system, or even your eating habits. It’s very problematic to simply “check formatting”, as if formatting is limited to citations or references. However, if you wish, you can detail the exact aspects you want us to check and we’ll assess a fee for those specific aspects, ignoring everything else at your peril.
    Will I have the same editor or will multiple editors view/edit my document?2023-07-20T13:43:50-07:00

    You will only have one editor.

    What happens if I make changes to my work after you edit it and would like my changes checked?2023-07-20T13:41:51-07:00
    We’ll be happy to check them for no additional charge, as long as the changes or additions are minor and you highlight them in yellow so that we can easily identify them without having to reread your entire work. Of course, if you make wholesale changes that permeate your entire work and, thus, necessitate a complete 2nd edit, we will have to address an additional fee.
    What happens if my dissertation is rejected?2023-07-20T13:40:42-07:00
    We stand behind our editing 100%. If for any reason due to our editing (or mistakes or oversights in our editing) your work is returned to you, we’ll address all of your committee’s or professor’s comments and concerns for no additional charge. Such a return or rejection rarely happens, but if it should, we’ll take care of it swiftly and thoroughly. Of course, the one exception is if your work is returned or rejected due to content issues; that is, if your professor or mentor requires you to do more thinking, research or writing because he or she isn’t satisfied with your thesis, hypotheses, development, or support.
    Can you edit my work for MLA, APA, or Chicago documentation styles?2023-07-20T13:39:53-07:00
    We can edit your text for APA (5th, 6th, or 7th), MLA, CMS, Turabian, Harvard, or any other style or format you request. We’ll put our best dissertation editor on the job for you.
    How do you choose who will edit my work?2023-07-20T13:38:49-07:00
    If you like, you may peruse our Staff and select your editor. Otherwise, we will thoroughly evaluate your submitted text and place it with the editor whom we determine is the best match for it. For example, we will place novels with a published novelist (who also teaches creative writing and/or literature in college) and theses and dissertations with a PhD whose own discipline most closely aligns with yours.
    What if I’m not happy with your editing?2023-07-20T13:38:22-07:00
    Rarely are our clients unhappy with our work. Please check our Testimonials and perfect A+ BBB record. However, if you are unhappy for any reason, please write your concerns in a detailed email to us. We will positively and thoroughly address your concerns by having another editor go over your work a 2nd time for no additional charge. Your 100% satisfaction is our goal and we will do whatever it takes to assure that you are, indeed, completely happy with our work.
    How can I be sure my document will be edited the way I want?2024-05-30T06:57:01-07:00
    All of our editors have doctoral degrees in English or a related writing-intensive field, as well as experience as teachers, published authors, and professionals in assorted disciplines. We’ve edited literally thousands of books and dissertations, essays for college and business, and countless other written documents of every length and type. Whatever editing service you need, we provide the right editor to get the job done, whether it’s dissertation editing, thesis editing, book editing, or general manuscript editing.
    Can you be more specific about your editing?2023-07-20T13:37:00-07:00
    We won’t write large chunks of text for you, but we will write some additional or substitute words, phrases, clauses, or even sentences if necessary. In other words, we’ll make whatever changes we can to improve your text. For example, if there’s a more concise or effective way of wording a sentence, we’ll revise the sentence. If a better, more precise word occurs to us, we’ll use it. If your text is wordy, choppy, disorganized, or just plain mixed up, we’ll do whatever it takes to fix it.
    What kind of editing and proofreading do you do?2023-07-20T13:34:51-07:00
    We copyedit and proofread all written documents, including books, articles, essays, term papers, dissertations, masters theses, websites, business correspondence, reports, newsletters, and advertising copy.
    What exactly will you do to improve my writing?2023-07-20T13:36:28-07:00
    We proofread, edit, and correct all spelling, punctuation, grammar errors, and typos. We also copyedit your text for clarity, organization, development of ideas, and diction. Our Doctors of English tailor their editing to suit each text.


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