After attaining your PhD, the real work then begins. You must secure a job and, very likely, get published. We can and will help you do both, through our transformational editing and publishing services.

Become a Published Scholar

We cannot over-emphasize the crucial importance of your becoming a published scholar. No matter what your discipline or doctoral degree, you will publish or perish, as the old saying goes. It is absolutely true.

One study determined that those PhDs who are unpublished suffer the fate of earning, on average, 25-40% less income throughout their entire professional career. The same study found that those PhDs who convert their dissertations into published books find secure positions 1-3 months more quickly and at a 10-25% higher salary than those PhDs who don’t. One more statistic is equally compelling: those PhDs with five or more publications to their credit are five times more likely to “achieve their financial and personal goals” than those PhDs who publish little or nothing.

Transform your Dissertation into a Book

The solution is to have us transform your dissertation so you can then approach academic presses that might be interested in publishing it.

We encourage PhDs with worthy dissertations to have us perform transformational editing on them—after they’ve been edited by us and successfully defended, of course—removing all the dissertation-ese and making them look and sound like scholarly books, rather than dissertations.

By “worthy,’’ we mean that we will definitely not transform dissertations that we consider to have limited potential for being turned into successful books. We evaluate dissertations and act as curators, accepting only those that we can enthusiastically stand behind.

So, PhDs who believe they have a genuinely publishable book that they have either had refused by an academic press or do not want to submit to one may find our services useful.  For example, if your dissertation presents information of interest to a general reading public, you should consider transforming it into a book.

Make Your C.V. Stand Out with Your Published Scholarly Book

Many publishable dissertations are routinely refused by traditional publishers, academic and otherwise.Edit911 will enhance your chances of finding a publisher by assuring that your transformed dissertation is the best book it can be.

If you believe in your dissertation, we encourage you to consider employing our skilled editors to transform it into a publishable book.

Check these pdfs for more information:

TRANSFORMING YOUR DISSERTATION  Transformative Editing Sample Proposal