Since 1999, we have edited more than 100,000 documents.

These samples should give you a rough idea of what our editing service does and how we do it.

We edit, proofread, and correct all spelling, punctuation, grammar errors, and typos. We also check for clarity, organization, development of ideas, and diction.

Excellent job!  This is my second time using Edit911 and I continue to be thrilled with the quality of work you produce.  The manuscript that I submitted for editing was a workbook that was in raw form, to say the least.  When I received the completed work I was blown away that the editor not only did a superior job of grammatical editing, but she actually went the extra mile and formatted the text.  I couldn’t believe the time she saved me, not to mention the money I would save as a result of her work. Your customer service is beyond reproach.  It’s no mystery why you have an A+ rating with the BBB. I am currently writing another book and have additional one under contract.  Without hesitation, I will be returning to Edit911 and will recommend your company to fellow writers.  Thanks again! Veronica Wright, author of “Boxes of Secrets”

If need be, we’ll write some additional or substitute words, phrases, clauses, or even sentences. We’ll make whatever changes we can to improve your text without crossing any ethical lines or becoming ghostwriters. For example, if there’s a more concise or effective way of wording a sentence, we’ll revise the sentence. If a better, more precise word occurs to us, we’ll use it. If your text is wordy, choppy, disorganized, or just plain mixed up, we’ll do whatever it takes to fix it.

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All of our copyeditors have doctoral degrees in English or a related writing-intensive field, along with experience as teachers, published authors, and professionals in assorted disciplines. We’ve edited literally thousands of books and dissertations, research papers for graduate students, white papers for businesses, and countless other written documents of every length and type. Whatever editing service you need, we provide the right editor to get the job done, whether it’s dissertation editing, thesis editingbook editing, or general manuscript editing.