We have edited over 3,000 dissertations and we have yet to find one that was in perfect shape, even those that their authors claimed were already edited. The aspects of style—whether APA, CMS, MLA, Harvard, or any other—permeate a dissertation. From margins to comma usage, from citations to italics, from reference pages to headings, spacing, fonts, and everything else, all style manuals contain literally hundreds, if not thousands, of rules and standards to follow. Asking a PhD editing service such as ours to “only format my dissertation” is like going to an M.D. and asking him or her to “just check my throat because everything else is okay.” A problem with your throat could indicate numerous other problems, such as sinuses, your gastrointestinal system, or even your eating habits. It’s very problematic to simply “check formatting”, as if formatting is limited to citations or references. However, if you wish, you can detail the exact aspects you want us to check and we’ll assess a fee for those specific aspects, ignoring everything else at your peril.