Business name: Edit 911
Address: 2200 Winter Springs Blvd. Suite 106
City: Oviedo
State: Florida
ZIP: 32765
Country: USA
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Last Updated: August 31, 2021

This privacy statement covers our website, We are committed business transparency and your privacy, so we are freely disclosing our practices to the public.

Information Collection and Use

Since we respect our visitors’ privacy, we collect and use information only as spelled out in this Privacy Policy. We never sell your information to anybody.

When people visit our website, we may record the accessing domain and host, the protocol address, and anonymous site statistical data. We gather this information to evaluate the security and effectiveness of our website. If we hire outside services, such as an SEO company, that have our stored data, they must sign a confidentiality agreement that obligates them not to share or sell your information, only using it for evaluative purposes.

Our website has some forms and links to our e-mail addresses and phone numbers. We may store the contents of any filled-out forms and information freely provided. We don’t do anything with that information except try to respond to your inquiry.

We also post testimonials and a published client list on our website with the full permission of our clients. At any time a client wants that information removed, we do so promptly.

Forms on our website may use cookies, small data files that let us recognize you as our customer or a previous visitor. These cookies let us populate the forms or give you customized viewing options.

When you order our services through our credit card processing systems—either PayPal or (“Payment Gateway”)—you are required to provide your address and card information. That information is sent to PayPal or to process your order. The routine protocol for all such transactions is for that information to be kept in servers in the US or Asia or Europe, depending on where you place that order. We may maintain that order information for some time in case we get audited. These companies are also compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (“PCI DSS”) as a Level 1 service provider.

When you send us your written work to be edited, it is safe. We will never share it, steal it, borrow it, or in any way use it for our own purposes. We have no rights to or claim on your written work whatsoever.

Notice for European Users: We comply with the rules of the Data Protection Act, which demands that we process your information fairly and lawfully. We do so regardless of any governmental body telling us to. We are fair and lawful in all our business practices. You are entitled to know how we may use the information you provide. It is your decision whether to give us that information or not. See for the full details. By providing us with your personal information, you are agreeing to transfer that information outside of the EU.

Legal Disclaimer: Although highly unlikely, should we ever be asked or ordered by a court of law to disclose all our corporate data, we must do so.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding our privacy policy, please contact us at: