You’ve spent months, maybe even years, crafting your manuscript. You’ve run it by friends, colleagues, and acquaintances for what may have seemed like never-ending rounds of feedback. You’ve worked with your editor to revise your manuscript and make it the best it can possibly be. Congratulations! All your hard work has paid off: You now have, or are on the way to having, a complete manuscript that represents your unique vision and distinctive message to the world.

Now what?

Depending on your publishing package, you may have certain marketing tools at your disposal, including a customized media kit and press release, a search-engine-optimized website and blog, and set up of important retailing tools like Amazon Search Inside!, Google Books Preview, and Barnes & Noble See Inside.

But how can you use these tools to reach your readers? What other tools and services should you be considering? And if you haven’t purchased any marketing services, what can you do on your own to reach your readers?

In our eBook you will find a comprehensive list of methods for promoting your book. We’ve included a wide array of initiatives so that, if you encounter one of these methods in your own research, you will have insight into how effective we believe it to be.

You’ll also notice a heavy focus on online initiatives. There are a couple of reasons for this. First, as many newspapers are shrinking and TV and radio are heavily focused on celebrity and political news, it is becoming increasingly difficult for a new author to gain exposure through traditional outlets. But many websites and blogs are looking to review or feature books and authors—including new and self-published ones.

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