So, you want to be a writer … everyone has a story to tell and everyone can do so. But don’t kid yourself, writing is hard work! It is labor intensive, time consuming, and isolationist. Truthfully, the writing is the easy part; it pours from your unconscious mind in torrents of stream of consciousness, words tumbling over words to create sentences and paragraphs. The difficult part, the conscious part, is the book editing or dissertation editing, the tweaking, the perfecting of those words, and the most difficult part … finding the time to do so.

Writers are an odd group. We observe and jot notes on tiny scraps of available paper – book jackets, department store receipts, lunch napkins. We occasionally ‘wander off’ in mid-conversation [even when we are the ones doing the talking] because the perfect word or extraordinary metaphor has popped into our consciousness and we must jot it down on scraps of available paper. We often hear voices – no, not ‘those’ kinds of voices – but the voice of a character telling his or her side of things or correcting something we may have already written. We often awake in the middle of the night with a persistent image or voice crying out for a scrap of available paper.

As a published author, veteran teacher of writing, and thesis editor for this editing service the best advice I can offer a writer is to write … at every available opportunity, in any locale, on any available scrap of paper.

–Dr. Joyce