There are very few things that can kill your revenue faster than bad grammar and spelling. In 1988, The Banner Travel agency purchased an ad meant to highlight the company’s “exotic” travel options. However, a typo led the advertisement to read about “erotic” travel destinations instead. As per the agency’s owner, the typing error cost her 80% of the business, which consisted of elderly customers. She went on to sue for $10 million. That was in 1988, though. Are businesses still prone to suffering heavy losses on account of typing errors? Yes! Hiring a professional copyeditor is more important than ever in the digital age. Read on as we give you a rundown of all the reasons why you should consider seeking help from a professional copyediting service for all your marketing material.

It Can Help You Save Time and Money

Contrary to popular belief, hiring professional copyediting services actually helps you save time and money. It’s true you will see an uptick in your expenses, but this is negligible compared to the amount of money you can stand to lose.

Research suggests that businesses having website copy with bad grammar and spelling errors are prone to losing nearly double the number of prospective customers than those with typo-free website content. The bounce rate of landing pages with poor spelling and grammar is also 85% more than their typo-free counterparts. That’s a lot of potential revenue down the drain!

It Can Make the Content Easier to Understand

When writers write, they focus more on communicating their ideas. You can tell that writers are in the process of formulating their thoughts and putting them down into words. As a result, the content you receive may not be entirely coherent. Copyeditors can address this issue by refining the content. They can lend more clarity to the content and make it easier to comprehend for the audience. This improves the readability of the content. It can also encourage readers to take the desired action more quickly. Once again, this can translate into a higher clickthrough rate and more conversions.

It Helps Spot Errors You Might Otherwise Miss

Proofreading and editing your own content can be difficult. This problem arises because of how our brains work. When you write something, you are already aware of what you want it to say. Consequently, when you proofread it, your brain skips over the errors in spelling, grammar, and punctuation. It focuses more on the meaning you want to convey and misses out on the typos. A fresh pair of eyes can help resolve this issue. A copyeditor can notice the errors you missed and fix them.

It Makes Sure You Have Used the Same Style

Consistency matters in marketing copy. When you write, you might change tenses, spell out numbers in some places and use their numeric form in others, and switch between first and third person. A copyeditor can spot these discrepancies and fix them to ensure your marketing copy follows a consistent style. It lends a professional touch to your marketing copy so that it delivers a better impression on your audience. If you end up slacking off here, it can compromise the reader’s experience. In some cases, the reader may struggle to understand the information you want to convey as well.

It Can Make Your Content Sharper

All writers are prone to rambling. You get lost within a world of words and might not know when to stop. Everything feels important and you are not sure what should be kept or removed. Copyeditors offer an objective viewpoint here. They can split your sentences and make them sharper. Snappy marketing copy also has a higher conversion rate. It allows readers to get the information they need without making a lot of effort. You want to create something that is concise, clear, and convincing and a copyeditor can help you do that.

It Can Help Your Writers Cultivate Their Writing Skills

A great copyediting service also provides your copywriters with feedback that helps them improve their writing skills. Copyeditors can identify the common mistakes that a writer makes and share this information with him. A good copyeditor can make a writer more cognizant of his weaknesses and help him work on them in a collaborative relationship that helps both parties.


There are several benefits of professional copyediting services that can help your business improve the quality of its marketing copy and impress audiences. Professional copyeditors can fix expensive typos, enhance the readability of your content, ensure consistency, and help writers improve.

If you are interested in working with a professional copyeditor, talk to the team at Edit911 today. Our copyeditors can help you leverage the advantages of a professional editor and proofreader and win over new customers. Get in touch with us to find out more.