An Informal, Irreverent, Pragmatic Guide to Getting It Done

Writing a Dissertation (download PDF)

There are hundreds of books about writing a dissertation. This one’s different. It’s not
comprehensive and doesn’t cover every single detail with exhaustive research and appendices. Why should it? The world doesn’t need the 501st 300-page manual on dissertation writing.

This book is personal and unique. It has real advice about sensitive subjects that the other books won’t touch. Everything you need to know about writing a dissertation is definitely not in this book. But there are lots of takeaways and essential info. We hope our anecdotes will make you shake your head and laugh, perhaps sardonically.

We don’t treat the process as seriously as perhaps it should be treated. This book addresses both the lighter and darker side of doctoral studies. It can be fun, and it can be down and dirty.

So, get yourself one of those 300-page manuals. They’re good to have sitting on your desk.
But this little book’s got some secrets, some hidden gems, some eureka moments you’ll find just as valuable as the 50-page chapters on documentation in the other books.

We hope you like it. We liked writing it. It was cathartic.