Why Edit 911?

Because we’re the best editing service in the world. Period.

  • We’re PhDs: Working professionals, scholars, and published authors highly skilled at book editing, dissertation editing, academic editing, and business document editing. Few other online “editors” can match our credentials (See Staff).
  • We’re Perfect: A+ record with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) of America for all our editing services.
  • We’re Experienced: Over 21,000 documents edited since 1999.
  • We’re Simple: We don’t make you choose from some pointless list of writing types and editors. We’ll match you with the best book editor, dissertation editor, or basic copy editor for your project.
  • We’re Fast: No extra charge for rush jobs. Most other “editors” charge an exorbitant fee for a quick turnaround, especially with book editing and dissertation editing.
  • We’re Comprehensive: We don’t charge extra for our full-service copy editing. Most other “editors” have a confusing pricing structure with several levels above mere proofing. Our editing service does everything we can to improve your work for one low price (See Services, FAQs and Submit Project).
  • We’re Efficient: No account to open, no portals, no forms to fill out, no waiting for a quote, no nonsense. Simply go to Order Service, calculate your rate based on word count, pay the appropriate amount, and send us your text as an email attachment.
  • We’re Helpful: We offer free consultation and advice. Most other “editors” want to charge you for advice on how to write better or get published. We’ll be happy to tell you everything we know for no charge.
  • We’re Successful: We have a long list of satisfied, enthusiastic clients (See Testimonials and Published Clients).
  • We’re Safe: 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed on all our copyediting (See Terms of Use & Privacy Policy).
  • And We’re Darn Good Writers and Professors: Check out our Blog for some entertaining and good advice, commentary, and details about our editing services and skills.
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